The 50 questions you want to ask when applying for a Technical Evangelist role


Since I’m looking for my next challenge, I’m discussing with many people about possible roles in their company. Most of those jobs are Technical Evangelist one, which make sense from my background, and from what I like to do for a living. I created a list of 50 important questions or information I would like... Read more

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I’m leaving Mozilla, looking for a new challenge


January 1st (or before if needed) will be my last day as a Senior Technical Evangelist at Mozilla. I truly believe in the Mozilla’s mission, and I’ll continue to share my passion for the open web, but this time, as a volunteer. From now on, I’ll be on the search for a new challenge. I... Read more

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The Future of work project: my interview


A couple of weeks ago, I was asked by Mathieu Laferrière to answer a couple of questions about the future of work. He was conducting interviews for the future of work project of Bill Jensen. In this nine minutes video, I answered those questions: What choices have made you… you? The toughest challenges facing all... Read more

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Movistar MOVE event in Uruguay


At the last day of October, I’ll be in Montevideo in Uruguay at the MOVE event from Movistar. I’ll give a high-level talk about Firefox OS, and Mozilla vision for the future of the web. My talk will be in English, but I’m pretty sure that most of the other ones will be in Spanish.... Read more

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Job titles are important


All employers expect you to give your 100% at work: doing the best that you can with the expertise, and experience you have. After all, you are being paid to do the work. Having a different title won’t make you do a better job. Being a senior won’t make you more efficient, but let’s be... Read more

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Some people are toxic, run while you can!


There are people that I defined as toxic. They are the one who are often sad because, as they say; the world is against them. They are the one who get mad at the first occasion. They are the one who will never be happy, and will always complain about anything and everything. They are... Read more

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DevFest Nantes 2014 aura sa présentation sur Firefox OS


DevFest Nantes, organisé par le Google Developer Group local, en est à sa troisième édition. Je suis bien heureux d’avoir été invité à présenter sur Firefox OS par les organisateurs, car ceci démontre une ouverture d’esprit de la part de l’organisation pour sortir un peu des sujets strictement lié au géant de la recherche sur... Read more

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Firefox OS, une plateforme à découvrir au IO Saglac


Il y a déjà trois semaines, je faisais six heures de voiture pour me rendre à Alma: un petit coin de pays que je n’avais jamais eu le plaisir de visiter. En effet, j’ai été présenté au Saglac IO, un groupe d’utilisateur de développeurs et gens intéressé aux technologies. Comme je parle souvent de Firefox... Read more

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Building web mobile app that don’t suck at Web Unleashed


Two weeks ago, I was in Toronto for the last day of Web Unleashed from FITC. I was giving a talk on how to build web mobile app that don’t suck. It turns out that those tricks were good for all web applications, but my primary target was to help mobile developers create better applications.... Read more

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L’état de l’Open Source en 2014 au Salon du Logiciel Libre et des technologies ouvertes du Québec


Il y a deux semaines, je me dirigeais à Québec pour présenter au Salon du Logiciel Libre et des technologies ouvertes du Québec (S2LQ). Lorsqu’on m’a approché pour présenter, je ne savais trop de quoi parler: l’audience visée étant moins technique que lorsque je présente habituellement, soit aux développeurs. J’avais pensé parler de Mozilla, mais... Read more

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