Are you stealing in a store?

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No? Why not? It makes sense if you find the item too expensive? It also makes sense if you find that the company or the entire industry make too much money. No?

It’s been a while since I’m thinking about writing this blog post. I’m tired of people who tell me that I should watch movies for free because it cost me too much since I watch a lot of them. I’m tired of people who tell me that I should find a torrent file to get my hand on this expensive software that I will use only once in a while. I’m tired of people that tell me I’m stupid to buy my music as I would be able to get the albums for free on the Internet.

If I cannot afford something, I don’t buy it. If I feel that I’m spending too much because I consume a lot, I put a limit, and minimize my expenses. If you steal something, no matter the reason, you are a thief. For me, there is no different with the person who go to a physical store to steal something, and the person who downloads a movie, a song, a software or whatever that it should have bought.

So next time you suggest to someone to pirate something or do it yourself, please go to a store, and steal something physical. After this, you’ll earn the right to tell us this…

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  1. Copying and stealing are different words for a reason

    06/08/2012 11:26AM
    • I think we are off topic, but different meaning or words doesn’t mean that at some point they aren’t linked together. Jumping not equal destroying, you agree?, What if I jump on the top of a car, I’m destroying it… So in that case jumping equal destroying.

      06/08/2012 11:41AM
  2. It’s not off topic. Intellectual property is a recent invention. And for god sake, it does not apply to fundamental sciences (yet) because we still did not find any convenient way to use this concept.
    If you jump on a car, you are destroying it. If you copy something, you’re not stealing it. You are counterfeiting. There is a big difference and law is not gonna change on this point.

    06/08/2012 11:46AM
  3. I agree with you that we need to pay for the products we consume. Some people work hard to produce those movies/music. And I want them to make profit from it. I also want them to make more if I like it.

    However, it’s not always that simple. Sometimes, buying is not easy. Game Of Thrones is an example of this. I wanted to watch the first season last year, and the only way for me to do it was to get it from a torrent. I bough the blu-rays when they came out, but I still stole it first.

    I also use to download a lot of music. If I liked the albums, I would buy it. If not, just trash it. Now I don’t download anymore, and I don’t buy much either.

    06/08/2012 12:11PM


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