We are now the owners of a condo

I’m so happy, that I wanted to share this with you: we are the new owners of a beautiful condo. Yesterday we went to the notary, and got our keys! If I didn’t get on your nerves with this on Twitter or Facebook, now you know it. So here is the first picture of Émilie, and I, in our new home with a cigar, and a port wine bottle that our real estate brokers gave us to celebrate the news!

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  1. Congrats, Fred! New design for your blog, new condo to write your blog posts!

    06/13/2012 11:52AM
    • You got it, I bought the condo to have a better place to write my blog post :)

      06/15/2012 09:31AM
  2. Sweet success! Congrats and wishes for a happy stay.

    06/28/2012 12:19AM


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