An accordion guy in Montreal

Two weeks ago, my friend Joey DeVilla was in town. We planned some time to catch up, and went to a local bistro. As usual Joey had his accordion, but this time it was to give Émilie the opportunity to try it (as you can see on the picture). Right after her attempt of getting some noise from it (I tease her, as I know it’s really hard), Joey started to play some of his favorite songs during our walk to the restaurant. Joey always made a hit with his accordion, and it was not different this time, as everybody on our road were smiling.

I know the video is shaking a lot, but it’s not bad considering it was taken with my phone, by walking backwards on the sidewalk… Funny story, at some point we heard CT Moore yelling at us from his new apartment. How many time to do hear an accordion player in your street, singing French son like “Bye bye mon cowboy” with an English accent? He had no reason to think it was not Joey!

P.S.: Yes I know, the title, with the main picture can be confusing…

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  1. How did I just stumble on this now?

    I even saw Joey walking up The Main while I was eating breakfast earlier that day.

    10/17/2012 11:46AM
    • I should have pinged you about this article, but I figured out you’ll see that I pointed to your blog.

      11/03/2012 11:07AM


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