How to disable autocorrect in Windows 8

As I write sometimes in English (read Frenglish), and sometimes in French, I’m not a fan of any autocorrect options. I used Antidote to correct my French texts, and Ginger for my English ones. So one of the things that annoyed me in Internet Explorer 10 was the autocorrect option. As the language of my operating system is English, it was removing all my French characters most of the time. I was looking for the setting to deactivate it in IE10, but I was wrong, it’s an option in Windows 8 itself. To deactivate it, go to the Charm bar -> Settings -> Change PC settings -> General ->Spelling, and put to off the “autocorrect misspelled words” option (see the screenshot below). Hope it will save you some time.

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  1. Thank you. Searched for 20 minutes before I decided to Google for an answer. I hate it if software thinks we only speak one language.

    Kind regards from Amsterdam!

    10/27/2012 08:35AM
    • I cheered to early… Skype still corrects my spelling (VERY annoying) even though I switched auto-correct to off.

      10/27/2012 12:59PM
    • Actually, as far as I know, this will disable autocorrect in Windows, and Internet Explorer. I’m not aware of any spelling correction in Skype, so I can’t help you. Let me know if you find the solution.

      11/03/2012 11:10AM
  2. Thank you, guy. No answer at Windows 8 Help Centre. I think you should restart your PC though. I want to see if it works on Mail too, sometimes it auto corrects my writing and put things I didn’t want to put. And you don’t even realize because the changes are smoothly done.

    11/04/2012 08:08AM
    • In my case, it’s still underlining in red errors, but nothing is corrected automatically in Mail.

      11/07/2012 09:35PM
  3. In my case, even though I turned off the autocorrect option in Windows 8 a couple weeks ago and have restarted the computer since then, Mail still autocorrects my spelling. Agreed it is annoying since I too sometimes type in French as well as English. So far haven’t determined a fix…

    11/15/2012 12:47PM
  4. Same problem as Felix (not Harper). Turned autocorrect off and restarted PC several time since. Problem persists. I write about half of my emails in English and half in French. Not only annoying and slows me down, but sometimes turns into nonsense if I don’t pay attention. Even if a switch language to French, it autocorrects back to English (only similar words though, not everything) . I am using US international keyboard. If somebody has the solution, please let me know.

    01/12/2013 10:48AM
    • Maybe it’s a sync problem. Did you log into your computer with your Windows Live ID? If it’s the case, do you have more than one computer? If the answer is yes, it may be because of those computers have the autocorrect to on, and are syncing with this computer.

      I already have this problem with the keyboard layout between one of my laptop, and my Surface RT. By switching booth to the right one, it solved my problem. It’s the only other thing I can think of as it’s still working with me even after installing Windows 8 again on other devices.

      01/15/2013 07:42PM
  5. hey all! i am going nuts as well! i write in several languages every day, and am losing valuable time and braincells. i can´t even overwrite the capitalization and corrections when i go back over the words. anyone heard of any other solutions? i have turned off ever auto correct deep in the belly of my computer/ windows 8…as deep as microsoft lets me go…help! thanks, time ticking ticking ticking for our project…Kap

    02/17/2013 06:05PM
  6. Thank you for the tip and the screenshot was very useful too. I was getting upset that I didn’t find this setting under the Language Settings in Control Panel, where I thought it would be since it was not part of the IE10 settings.

    03/16/2013 10:49PM
    • Glad it helps, as I did the same thing when I was looking to deactivate the autocorrect feature.

      07/04/2013 04:40PM
  7. Thanks. It was driving me mad.

    07/14/2014 08:02AM
    • It’s the reason I wrote this post: it was driving me crazy too.

      09/19/2014 11:26AM
  8. thankyouthankyouthankyou! I am old enough to be a “touch typist” – learned on a manual typewriter, and my brain/fingers adjusted to computers later and now quite naturally (and quickly) backspace to make corrections – autocorrect is the bane of my existence – you have made my day!!!!

    08/28/2014 12:00PM


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