I’m leaving Microsoft, looking for a new opportunity


I really like this picture as you probably know. I have the feeling that it represents well my journey at Microsoft.

For two years, and a half, I was a proud member of the Developer Platform Evangelist group (DPE) as a Technical Evangelist. During all that time, I shared with you the Open side of Microsoft. From the beginning till the end, I helped developers being successful on the Microsoft stack, changed their perception of the Death Star, and through this, meet some amazing people, but I’m reaching the end of this journey.

Leaving Microsoft

I really like the “we enter as friends, we leave as friends” quote my friend, Joey DeVilla, used in his own departure post as it reflect a lot of the actual state of my relationship with Microsoft. The reason is simple: the Technical Evangelist role as evolved in different ways at Microsoft, and I have the feeling that I’m not the right person anymore to help the company achieve its goals. I’m very happy to had the chance of being part of this amazing team, and worked with all those brilliant people. It was a pleasure, an honor, and I learn a lot during these years. It’s because of the people who cross my road at Microsoft, but also outside of Microsoft during that time, that I can pretend to be a better person now, and an even better Evangelist!

Making the world a bit more Open

When Microsoft approached me 3 years ago, I accepted the challenge (French post) to help Microsoft become more Open. They wanted someone to help them changed the perception, educate internally, and externally, and be that person at Microsoft Canada that would be able to Evangelize the Openness of Microsoft. It’s still not perfect, but I saw a big change in the last couple of years, and it continues in the right direction. More concreatly, most of my time was around four pillars:

  • Open Source: changed perception around Open Source, and Microsoft by talking about interoperability, Open Data, Web Standard, and all Open Source projects we had.
  • Web standard: HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript related to Internet Explorer 9, Internet Explorer 10, and Windows 8. On the Internet Explorer side, it was all about showing the respect of the standards, and educate people about the new version of HTML, and what, as developer, they can achieve. For Windows 8, it was basically to help Web Developers used their existing skills to build Windows 8 application.
  • Startups: I really enjoyed to work with startups to help them be successful, see how Microsoft can help them, and take them to the next level. It’s such a beautiful world!
  • Cloud computing: being responsible of the Openness of Microsoft in my team, Windows Azure was a big asset. Talking about PHP, Node.js, WordPress, Linux Virtual Machine, PaaS, IaaS… became a real passion for me.

Make Web Not War, the brand, and the site, was from the beginning to the end, my main responsibility. Think about hackathons, workshops, conferences, blog posts, and taking this community to the next level. I’m proud of what I achieved since I join Microsoft, and I firmly believe that it helped Microsoft to be more Open, and be perceived as the company it is really.

The future

As I’ve always done in my life, everything is about passion: life is too short to do things you are not excited, and passionate about anymore! Don’t get me wrong, I like to be a Technical Evangelist, and trust me, there is a lot of chances that the next step in my life will be as a Technical Evangelist (or something related). I like technology, I like to share my passion, and I like to help others being successful! So for now, it’s a bold move as I have nothing set in stone for my future yet. The only thing I know is that July 2nd will be my last day at the Empire. So from now on, I’ll be looking for the next challenge. Mostly around Evangelism (or Advocate if you prefer) on technologies I like, but I’m also open to learn about anything that would fit my profile. As far as I miss developing softwares all day long, I’m not looking to get back in this kind of role. I’ll do a more complete blog post on what I’m looking for, what I’m not, and the kind of person you can expect to work with if you hire me, but keep in mind those keywords if you are looking to hire: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Open Source, Web, Mobile, Cloud Computing, Startups… Please feel free to look at my LinkedIn profile, share this post on your social media, or send me an email if you think you have something interesting for me!

The opportunity

With me leaving Microsoft Canada, that will leave, of course, an empty seat. I’ll start soon to look at who will be the next person to take the role. The deal that I have with my actual manager, that I need to thank for his amazing support, is that I need to find someone who will be better than me. It doesn’t mean that I was a bad Evangelist, of course, but that mean that this team continue to get better, and better, and trust me, this is an all-star team at Microsoft worldwide, so they are looking for the greatest, and the brightest people! The person I’m looking for should have a kind-of Evangelist profile, will be based in Montreal (as I was – there is an important community here), need to be a bilingual Francophone, knows iOS or Android development, and should know the latest, and the greatest of HTML (read, HTML5). For the role itself, I think that the post Joey did, before I join Microsoft, is still so relevant, but I’ll also do a more complete one from my own perspective. So if you think you have the profile, as the official job posting may never go online, please let me know by email. I care less about your resume, than who you are, what’s your thought on the Microsoft platform, and what you did in your community.

At the end…

It was a hard decision, but being happy in life is not something you want to postpone, and like my friend Rick Claus said, it’s about chasing your dream! At the end, it’ll change nearly nothing for you. I’ll still be there to help you being successful, learning new technology, and putting you in contact with the right person depending on your needs. For the friends I’ve made, we will still be friends. For the people I meet, we cannot erase this part of our life, and I’ll still be a contact on whom you can count. I have also no plan to move from Montréal, so I’ll still be part of this amazing community, and help it growth. For Microsoft, they will get a new kick-ass Evangelist that will bring new ideas to the team, and let’s just say that they got a new influencer outside of the company. So I’m ready! I’m ready for the next journey, all pumped up, and excited…

P.-S.: If we worked together at some point, please feel free to leave me a recommendation on LinkedIn.

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  1. BOLD!
    It was great working with you Fred.
    Now you better find someone before too much dust pile up at Notman!
    Your Virtual Evangelist…

    05/23/2013 11:24AM
    • Haha, no worries, I’ll take care of Notman House dust until the end! It was a pleasure to work with you, and I hope we’ll work again together in the future.

      05/23/2013 11:10PM
  2. Ah c’est triste de te voir quitter, tu m’as donné un bon coup de pouce quand j’en avais besoin. Merci pour tout ce temps.

    Bonne chance dans tes futurs projets :)

    05/23/2013 11:25AM
  3. Wow, that certainly caught me off guard…it was a tremendous pleasure working with you on the many different things we have done here in Toronto with the WordPress community. I wish you all the best in your next venture and I am sure our paths will continue to cross at various functions…like perhaps WordCamp Montreal?

    You will be missed my friend,


    05/23/2013 11:29AM
    • The pleasure was shared Al. I hope I’ll continue to be able to do amazing things with the WordPress communities!

      05/23/2013 11:12PM
  4. Bonne chance Frédéric! Je suis sûr que ca va bien se passer pour toi et que tu vas trouver une place qui te représente bien :)

    05/23/2013 12:11PM
  5. J’aime ce que je lis. Bravo Fred et bonne chance dans tes projets futurs. J’ai hâte de voir où le Harper va atterir.

    05/23/2013 01:04PM
    • Merci Alexis, j’ai bien hate de voir ce que me réserve l’avenir aussi!

      05/23/2013 11:13PM
  6. Fred, to me, you did not quite fit the MSFT evangelist type but that is probably why you were able to change hearts and minds about Microsoft. Good luck with your next project.

    05/23/2013 01:34PM
    • I was not the typical Microsoftie, but I think it’s what is making the Evangelists team amazing: everyone bring their own personality. Thanks Marc, looking forward to do epic shit!

      05/23/2013 11:14PM
  7. Good luck with your next endeavor. Life is too short. I applaud you for your courage to do what you’re passionate about. Let’s keep in touch.

    05/23/2013 01:54PM
    • Of course we’ll keep in touch Mario. I was lucky to have amazing people like you to support, and help me in Montreal.

      05/23/2013 11:15PM
  8. Thanks for all your support and best of luck wherever you land! Stay in touch!

    05/23/2013 07:38PM
    • Thanks Rob, it was a pleasure to support you, and the good work you do.

      05/23/2013 11:16PM
  9. Best of Luck Fred. Your expertise and great attitude will lead you to awesome places. Je suis pas inquiet pour toi.

    05/24/2013 12:27AM
  10. That’s a big move. You are a great mentor and an inspiring person. Wish you all the best Fred.

    05/24/2013 01:25PM
    • Yes, and not an easy one. It was a pleasure to mentor you, and keep in mind that you can ping me whenever you need advices!

      05/24/2013 02:37PM
  11. J’ai vraiment hâte de voir dans quel projet tu vas sauter ! Tu as effectivement contribué à changer la perception par rapport à Microsoft. Je te souhaites tout le succès possible !!!

    05/24/2013 01:52PM
    • Merci Benoît, content de voir que j’ai eu un impact positif!

      05/24/2013 02:37PM
  12. Good luck with everything Frederic- it was great getting the chance to meet you last year!

    05/24/2013 05:19PM
    • Thanks Levin, it was a pleasure, but I hope I’ll have the chance again to work with you.

      05/24/2013 05:32PM
  13. Well, well, well… so you leave me… and tell the world about it!?!?! :) I’m glad you’re chasing your dreams, buddy, as have I. Hopefully, we will have the chance of working together again. We make a pretty good Batman and Robin (except bigger… and better) – more like Batman and Joker, but whatever.

    I’m not gonna say goodbye – because we’ll still be seeing each other whenever we can, so, it’s just tata4now.


    05/27/2013 04:06PM
  14. Good luck Fred! You’ve helped me a lot this month, thanks for your great support! Wish you all the best ;)

    06/01/2013 11:44AM
    • It was a real pleasure to help you, and thanks for the kind words.

      06/03/2013 09:32AM


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