Make Web Not War TV – Make Web Not War at Microsoft with Keith Loo


For this eleventh (on twelve) interviews I did for the Make Web Not War TV, I had the pleasure to discuss with my friend, and former partner in crime, Keith Loo from Microsoft. Keith is now the Open Platform lead at Microsoft, also leading the Make Web Not War effort.

In this video, we talked about Confoo of course, because it’s one of the conferences we both love. I, obviously,  asked Keith to talk about Make Web Not War itself, and I’m seriously happy that he took the lead on it, and didn’t let the program die: they just build a new site, get new partners… They did a really great job with the site, and the improve approach they took. Open Source, Web Standards, Open Data, and interoperability is what is all about. We also talked about the lounge, and technology we had at the conference. I really hope Microsoft will be there again this year to show the amazing stuff they do, and I hope I’ll be there too to show the awesomeness of Firefox OS! The more I think about it, it was mostly a video about promoting Confoo than Make Web Not War.

Were you at Confoo? Will you be there next year? Did you know about Make Web Not War? Do you think Microsoft is more open than before? Share your thoughts!

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  1. Wow – has it been that long ago? We miss you Fred! Looking forward to making more #webnotwar with you :)

    10/10/2013 10:37AM
    • It has been a while: more than nine months. I thought I could promote those videos, even if they aren’t young, and I’m still making the web, not the war!

      10/10/2013 10:46AM


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