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I’ve been blogging daily since a couple of months now, but eleven days ago, I stopped.

It wasn’t intentional as I had no shortage of post ideas: I still have more than one hundred fifty drafts waiting for me. It was a time constraint: I didn’t prioritize blogging while I was at my team Paris work week. I’m not writing this to justify myself, as, after all, it’s my blog.

That little break taught me two things. First thing: none of my readers complains about my lack of posts for the last couple of days. At some level, I’m fine with it as I’m blogging for myself first, but it makes me think that my quality level, maybe, wasn’t there as people were not missing them. Since one of my three words for the year is quality, that make me rethink my blogging cadence, and strategy.

Second thing is more personal. I realized that, when I was writing a series of posts to schedule them on days I know I wouldn’t be able to write, it was more of a task than a pleasure. Don’t get me wrong, I like to write a lot, but I prefer to take my time, and go with my ideas’ flow. In the end, my goal for life is to enjoy every moment of it!

What does that mean for you? Expect fewer posts, but I hope, more quality ones.

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  1. I don’ t agree here. You can missunderstand your readers.
    Don’t complaining about you not posting doesn’t mean they don’t miss your posts. People also understand this is your personal blog and respects that.

    Anyway, it is great if you have decided to make it just when you really want and take better care of quality,

    03/14/2014 02:35PM
  2. As Pablo mentioned, your doing this for personal advancement (knowledge, experience, etc), but you’re doing it for you first. GOOD! I think (ok, hope :>) most of your friends\readers\followers know that. We appreciate the effort you put in, we know you put a lot in, therefore you’ve already bought some slack (as well as admiration, patience and lots of understanding).

    I to try to blog for myself to learn. A few years ago, I had to slow down my cadence (it actually stopped for a long time :

    03/17/2014 01:32PM
  3. Uh oh, my last part got cut off cause of a errand smiley I think? DOH! maybe it’s in the db?

    03/17/2014 01:34PM
    • Unfortunately, I don’t know what happened, but I have nothing after the word time, sorry.

      03/17/2014 01:55PM


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