In the IT industry for many years, Frédéric Harper started as a web and mobile developer. Having worked in different types of enterprises, from startups to companies like Microsoft and Mozilla, he has diversified experience.

For the last couple of years, Frédéric uses his social skills to evangelize different technologies amongst his peers. Today, as a Sr. Technical Evangelist at, Fred help web developers to secure their applications. Experienced speaker with more than 100 talks under his belt, he travels the world to share his passion and expertise of technologies. Proud of his journey, and for the benefit of others, Frédéric published the "Success in Programming: How to Gain Recognition, Power, and Influence Through Personal Branding” book under the Apress banner. As a serial entrepreneur, Fred created the Festival Geek de Montréal (GeekFestMtl), has established a networking group for developers named YulDev, co-founded the user group HTML5mtl and was the instigator of the first FailCamp in Montreal.

In parallel with his other projects, Frédéric Harper blogs for several years at and is proudly wearing his geek t-shirts that made his trademark.

About this blog

Out of Comfort Zone is the personal and professional blog of Fred. He used this blog to talk about any day-to-day subject, but also to publish blog posts he did on other websites. You will be able to read topics in English or in French around three main areas: brainer, no-brainer and techno. The techno category contains everything technical or related to the developers' world. If a blog post is not around IT stuff, and it's a blog post with some reflexion around society, life or anything else, you will be able to read it in the brainer category. The last, but not least category is for everything that required to brain power to digest: pictures I want to share, funny things that happened to me. It's the kind of things you usually share on Twitter in less than 140 characters. I hope you will have as much fun to read all my blog posts than I had fun to write them.If you like my content or my work, and want to say thanks you, donate via my Amazon Wish List.


Always in the goal of being transparent as a blogger, I think it could be a good idea to have a disclosure page that will list who I work for, my affiliations with products and things like this. You will also notice that I mention when someone gives me something for free or to review in the blog post. Please note that I review only things I'd love, or things I want to share with you.

Editorial policy

Working on it!

In the medias

In this page, I will try to make a list of traditional and social media where I participated in the past. I will also list media that talked or asked me to talk about some of my projects. This list is not up to date...


2014-06-06 - TechVibes Montreal Hosts Social Good Hackathon, Tackles Issues Like Water Scarcity, and Gender Bias

2014-07-10 - Amod Narvekar Firefox OS Hackathon at IITB

GeekFest Montreal

2011-03-10 - Les Tontons Les Tontons au GeekFest Montréal 2011

2011-03-05 - Mise à Jour sur VOX Spécial Geek

2011-03-05 - Cybermaniax Port-Mortem du Geekfest

2011-03-01 - The Concordian Days before the event, CEO of GeekFest Montreal tells all

2011-03-01 - Triplex, le blogue de Radio-Canada Les médias sociaux, un incontournable en organisation d’événements

My digital life

Here is a kind-of exhaustive list (in no particular order - dead one at the end) of where to find me online. I also listed services or sites where I closed my account. Keep in mind that I manage those accounts differently from one to the other, and that the best way to reach me is always by email (I'm old!).


Twitter is one of my preferred social media after my blog. I used it a lot to tweet about everything, and anything!


LinkedIn is my resume: I don't use old resume anymore. It's a very important social media for me as it's the place where I'm connecting with my professional network.


I'm a new user of Instagram, but I like the simplicity of sharing amazing pictures with some modifications. I post all my pictures on Facebook, and Twitter too, so it's more a tool than a social media for me.


Like anyone related to the web world, I tried klout, but I deleted my account. Don't get me wrong, I had a good score so it's not about any frustrations. I just don't believe you can define people as influencer or not with an algorithm: there are a lot more to add to the formula than the number of followers, and number of interactions online.


If I have a question to ask, I'm using my network on actual social media. It's also getting on my nerves that they always ask you to install the iPhone application.

Posts series

Fred's tees

Fred's tees is a tribute to my love for Geek, and funny t-shirts. Most of the time, when I go to events, people are curios to see what tee I'm wearing. Once in a while, people also ask me where I bought them, so I started a series of posts to show the t-shirts I own.

Tips and tricks for people

Tips, and tricks for people is a series of posts that my faith in humanity, I mean stupidity of people. I highlight, in a tweet like post, some of the idiocy of today's world in some sarcastic tips.