Firefox OS au Visual Studio Talkshow


Il y a quelques jours j’ai participé au Visual Studio Talk Show, un podcast en français sur l’architecture et le développement logiciel. Malgré le nom, cette émission mensuelle animée par les amis Mario Cardinal et Guy Barrette n’est pas axée que sur les technologies Microsoft: la preuve, c’est ma deuxième fois en tant qu’invité et... Read more

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Public speaking at Social Media Breakfast Montréal


This morning, I had the pleasure to speak at Social Media Breakfast Montréal about… public speaking. I did a thirty minutes talk about my own story, why people should start to do public speaking, how they can start, and obviously, where they can do their first public appearance. As you can see in this short... Read more

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Web & PHP magazine: articles on HTML5, and the cloud


During the summer, I contribute to Web & PHP magazine, a free, and online magazine around PHP, but also anything web related. I stopped my contribution to concentrate on other projects, but I wrote three articles on HTML5, and also one on Windows Azure when I was a Microsoftie. PHP in the cloud This is... Read more

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Ma carrière techno – notre responsabilité en tant que professionnel des TIC


Il y a deux ou trois ans de cela, j’ai rencontré des gens de TECHNOCompétences dans une conférence: ils avaient une table pour présenter différent de leurs programmes, tel que Ma Carrière Techno. L’idée est simple, mais géniale: apprendre aux jeunes les différentes facettes des emplois en TIC, en démystifiant ces derniers, tout en présentant... Read more

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Tips and tricks for people #47_

Of course, talking out loud in a museum make perfect sense: it’s not like if people wanted to relax, enjoy a good moment, and reflect about the meaning of those pieces of art. Read more

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Fred’s tees #25 – Bacon Element


It’s not a secret either: I like bacon. Maybe too much, so when I saw this t-shirt, I wasn’t able not to buy it on Snorgtees. I even have tees about bacon strips, and a keep calm one. Who doesn’t love a periodic table containing bacon? Actually, is there people who don’t like bacon… Read more

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So you don’t have time? Bullshit!


Since I’m seventeen years old, I’m involved in many projects. I used to be that guy who always has his agenda fulfilled with meetings, appointments, events, volunteering… I was also this guy who was constantly complaining about not having enough time or always replying to people when they asked me about something, “I don’t have... Read more

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No web version! Why do you hate me?


We are living in a world of mobile application. Everyone, and their mother are creating an app for their services, their games or their websites. While I agree is some case you need to do it, in many cases, I don’t see the value except being part of the crowd who is having an iPhone... Read more

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Three months as a Mozillian


I wrote a post after my initial week, and after the first month, and now for me, it’s a new milestone: three months. Yesterday was the last day of my probation at Mozilla, and I still have a job! More seriously, I was not expecting to lose my job after this period the human resources... Read more

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Living with sleep apnea


A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine asked me about my own experience about sleep apnea as he got diagnosed. I hope this post will help people to understand what is it, and how to live with it. A little less than two years ago, I decided to take an appointment with a... Read more

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