The magic happens out of your comfort zone


Someone asked me recently why I named my blog “Out of Comfort Zone”, and that make me realize that I never wrote a post to explain it: I wanted this post to be one of the first of this blog, but after nearly two years, it may be time to explain it. Of course, everybody... Read more

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Firefox OS loves at the Athens App Days


Yesterday I was invited to help support the Athens App Days. I did the first technical talk of the day, and my goal was to excited developers about the platform, and to show them all the possibilities they have for building their application. I was quite impressed by the dedication of developers during all the... Read more

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Only in Verdun #1


I think I’ll start a series of post on stuff I see in my neighborhood, Verdun. For those of you that aren’t from Montreal, Verdun is one of the boroughs of the city. From what I know, it used to be one of the poorest, and not so good places to live, but it changed... Read more

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Open Camera philosophy, or how to get more souvenirs


I like photos more than anything else: they give me the opportunity to freeze in time a special moment. For me, they are even better than videos in many cases as they let you associate a special moment, that you define, to a specific picture: even if it’s not what exactly happen at this time... Read more

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Firefox OS, the platform you deserve – Budapest, Hungary


Yesterday, we were doing a Firefox OS workshop in Budapest, Hungary. It was, like always, a real pleasure to help all those hackers to create, or port their app to run on the amazing platform that is Firefox OS. As usual, here are the slides, and the recording of my presentation. I beought a bluetooth... Read more

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Fred’s tees #28 – Bacon is good for me


I think it’s my fourth tee about bacon: I can’t be more public about my love of bacon. Bacon can cure everything, and this t-shirt from Tee Fury helps me prove my points… Read more

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Going to San Francisco in United States, anything a tourist should do?


I’ll approach those posts differently, as some people don’t get them. I’m not asking people to do my homework. I can easily search on the web for stuff I can do in the cities I’m going, and it’s what I do. What I am asking is basically two things: Is there anything, that isn’t common... Read more

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Ma carrière techno, l’enregistrement de ma présentation


Ceux qui suivent mon blogue, savez que j’ai participé au programme “ma carrière techno” de TECHNOCompétences. Il s’agissait d’aller parler à des élèves du secondaire de son expérience, démystifier certains mythes (tel que ce n’est pas que pour les nerds), mais surtout des opportunités de travailler dans le milieu des TI. J’avais eu un problème... Read more

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Firefox OS in Guadalajara, Mexico


I usually do a blog post after my presentations, and I totally forgot about the presentation I did in Guadalajara, our Firefox OS workshop in Mexico. Unfortunately, I had some problem with my computer at that time, so I had to use my colleague’s computer, and wasn’t capable of recording my session. Since we were... Read more

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Personal branding, the recording of my presentation


Remember the presentation I did on personal branding at Kongossa Web Series? I think it was one of the best presentations I did in my public speaking career, and I was a bit upset that I had a problem with the recording of my session. Actually, it wasn’t that bad as the organizers told me... Read more

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