My unknown father


Since I have joined the team at Microsoft Canada, there is a running gag about Damir being my dad: you have to admit that the resemblance is troubling. A couple of months ago, I made a t-shirt for myself saying that Damir is not my father. On the last TechDays tour, I thoughts that it... Read more

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TechDays Online est maintenant disponible_

Quoi? On parle déjà de TechDays 2012? Non, mais ça viendra d’ici quelques semaines. Ici je parle du site de TechDays que nous avons surnommé TechDays Online ou TechDays en ligne. Vous avez vécu l’expérience TechDays en personne, à Montréal, Toronto ou Vancouver? Maintenant, vous pouvez la vivre en ligne. Hé oui, le site de... Read more

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Responsive Web Design: La vision du monde dépend des lunettes que je porte_

Hier soir, je présentais au groupe d’utilisateurs HTML5mtl. Ma présentation portait sur le principe du Responsive Web Design, une façon de concevoir nos sites pour répondre plus facilement et avec une meilleure expérience pour nos utilisateurs. Tel que promis, voici ma présentation ajoutée à mon compte Slideshare. Voici aussi la liste des différents liens dont... Read more

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Hack your life challenge #7: take a break_

Now the real challenge of last week: take a break. The goal is really about spending time with your thoughts. Think about what to do, new ideas, priorities, new goals… Just taking some time, with yourself. I need to say that taking time with myself was something impossible in the past. I’m a social guy:... Read more

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Awesome tools you can use to build your next HTML5 website or application_

Even if the actual version of HTML as been discussed for a couple of years now, it is fairly new. We see a lot more enthusiasts around this new version of this Web standard, and trust me; it’s just a beginning. If you have already started to give a closer look to the new features... Read more

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Hack your life challenge #4: set a happiness metric_

It’s not an error in the challenge number: I told you in the challenge #5, that I totally missed the #4, so I wanted to give my opinion about this one too. I’ll make a blog post about the one from last week, the #7, later this week. This challenge is about setting-up a happiness... Read more

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Scary HTML5 book promotion_

I was searching some HTML5 picture for another blog post on Flickr when I saw this one. Don’t judge the book by this picture, it’s a nice book on HTML5 my old-coworker John Bristowe bought for all the team members a couple of months ago. Read more

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You too can become a Make Web Not War Warriors_

On March 8th, we will have a full day of free webinars just for you. A good way to learn new technology presented by experts. A great opportunity to learn about Web, mobile, design, cloud computing and more… As we know that not everybody has an interest in all topics, and that it’s not always... Read more

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What the heck is Responsive Web Design?_

As a Web developer, we need to think about many devices, screen sizes and orientations. It’s not enough now to build our application or website to target only desktop screens: you need to keep in mind that your visitors will come to your site with their smartphones, their netbooks, their tablets, their slates and even... Read more

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Hack your life challenge #6: turn off your mobile phone_

The hack your life challenge of last week was also about disconnecting and taking time for you. It was about taking the control of your time and be able to live without your precious. Not all the time, we need to live, work and be productive, but turning off this device on the evening and... Read more

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