Lady Gaga & Nyan Cat, même combat_

Quand vous allez sur le compte Twitter de quelqu’un en utilisant l’application Web, Twitter vous suggère des comptes semblables. Je trouvais la suggestion fort intéressante. Read more

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User groups: learn, meet and share_

Please note that this blog post talk about Make Web Not War website, not Out of Comfort Zone. I often talk about new meetup on some user groups, like HTML5mtl. Since I’m in the IT industry, user groups have always been for me an awesome place to be. It’s a great way to learn from... Read more

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How to get up to speed with a new technology_

You are in front of your computer, wanting to learn a new technology for your job, or because you have this awesome idea on what will be the next Angry Birds. Whether you are a professional, a student or a hobbyist, learning a technology is sometimes a challenge. Where to start? In this blog post,... Read more

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Hack your life challenge #2: Turn off the electronics_

I need to say that the challenge #2 from Fabrice Calando was a total fail for me. The goal was to shut down any electronic devices at least one hour before going to bed. I think I succeed only one night, and it’s because I was too tired to do something after I come back... Read more

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Rejoignez le mouvement des développeurs_

Prêt à repousser les frontières? Prêt à changer les règles? Prêt à être de l’avant-garde? C’est le moment de foncer avec le mouvement des développeurs. Vous avez une idée du tonnerre pour une application Windows Phone? Le Mouvement des développeurs vous aide à la concrétiser! Voici votre occasion d’intégrer un nouveau marché international en pleine... Read more

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Geek et fier de l’être_

Il y a un peu plus d’un mois, je donnais une petite entrevue à David Nathan pour la section techno de MSN. Le sujet était “C’est quoi, finalement, un Geek?”. Comme c’est un sujet que j’adore, j’ai accepté avec plaisir. La promotion du terme, du style de vie et de la compréhension du Geek est... Read more

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Apprenez HTML5 à Confoo_

Aimeriez-vous apprendre HTML5, CSS3 et JavaScript? Vous voudriez découvrir ce que vous pouvez faire avec ces technologies, mais vous ne savez pas par où commencer? Avez-vous un problème à trouver du temps pour vous assoir et commencer votre entrainement de ninja HTML5? Si vous avez répondu oui à au moins une de ces questions, j’ai... Read more

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Music is my life_

I must say that I’m a music lover. I like music of all sorts, almost. I don’t play any instruments, but for a long-time  music was a big part of my life. For an unknown reason, last year, it wasn’t the case. I missed it. I missed listening to it. I missed discovering it. I... Read more

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Hack your life challenge #1: get rid of excess clothing_

Two days ago, I wrote about the project of Fabrice Calando, Hack your life. Since I think it’s an amazing idea, I wanted to participate, and it’s what I did with the first challenge: get rid of excess clothing. To be honest with you, it wasn’t a hard challenge for me, and it’s OK. I... Read more

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Be careful, you are the expert_

We are all the expert of somebody. It mean that we know more on a subject than someone else, or we are perceived as someone who knows more, even if it’s not always the case. As a blogger, a teacher, a speaker, a put-your-own-title-here, we share our knowledge, but we also share our thoughts. We... Read more

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