Hack your life challenge #6: turn off your mobile phone_

The hack your life challenge of last week was also about disconnecting and taking time for you. It was about taking the control of your time and be able to live without your precious. Not all the time, we need to live, work and be productive, but turning off this device on the evening and... Read more

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ImagineCup 2012 arrive au Canada_

Vous êtes un étudiant et vous aimeriez vivre une expérience hors du commun? ImagineCup 2012 arrive au Canada. Une compétition qui vous permettra de vous démarquer des autres gens de votre promotion tout en réglant les problèmes dans le monde en utilisant la technologie. Les études sont terminées pour vous ou vous êtes professeurs? Que... Read more

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Hack your life challenge #5: do_

I like to call myself a doer, because when I have an idea, I’m not just talking; I’m making it reality. I started some personal or community projects like Festival Geek de Montréal (French), We are Geek (French), Portrait de blogueurs (French), FailCampMtl… Some are still alive. Some are dead. Some are been taking by... Read more

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Show me your book: Strengths Finder 2.0_

One thing that is awesome with my job is that our team is all about learning and getting better. I’m the kind of guy who think there is things I need to learn by myself, on my own time, but other things that my employer need to pay for it in a form or in... Read more

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Hack your life challenge #3: speak to a stranger_

I’m a bit late to post my results on the challenge #3 of the Hack Your Life project from Fabrice Calando, since the 4th one just finish. The challenge was about speaking to a stranger. Not someone like the barista, the delivery boy or the bus driver, someone who you really don’t know. No need... Read more

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Make Web Not War Communities Night in Vancouver_

As you saw in this blog (Make Web Not War one), last December, we did a Make Web Not War Communities Night in Toronto. It was a real success: we had awesome presenters, delicious foods and passionate discussions with people from the industry. We are actually in the planning process of the next one, that... Read more

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You are your company, a customer service story_

Last week was not a good one for me with customer services. I had a problem with valet in two parking, and I had a not so good service in a coffee shop. No need to say that these places won’t see me there soon now. At the end, even if it’s only one person... Read more

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Lady Gaga & Nyan Cat, même combat_

Quand vous allez sur le compte Twitter de quelqu’un en utilisant l’application Web, Twitter vous suggère des comptes semblables. Je trouvais la suggestion fort intéressante. Read more

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User groups: learn, meet and share_

Please note that this blog post talk about Make Web Not War website, not Out of Comfort Zone. I often talk about new meetup on some user groups, like HTML5mtl. Since I’m in the IT industry, user groups have always been for me an awesome place to be. It’s a great way to learn from... Read more

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How to get up to speed with a new technology_

You are in front of your computer, wanting to learn a new technology for your job, or because you have this awesome idea on what will be the next Angry Birds. Whether you are a professional, a student or a hobbyist, learning a technology is sometimes a challenge. Where to start? In this blog post,... Read more

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