You recruitment, and interview process reveals a lot more about you, and your company than you would expect


Looking for a new challenge is always an interesting experience, and this time is no exception. Since I announced I was leaving Mozilla, I’ve been contacted by many human resources departments, headhunters, and C-level visionary. I’ve seen many job descriptions, and already received some offers (still open to discussion, just saying). It’s probably true for... Read more

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I’m leaving Mozilla, looking for a new challenge


January 1st (or before if needed) will be my last day as a Senior Technical Evangelist at Mozilla. I truly believe in the Mozilla’s mission, and I’ll continue to share my passion for the open web, but this time, as a volunteer. From now on, I’ll be on the search for a new challenge. I... Read more

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The Future of work project: my interview


A couple of weeks ago, I was asked by Mathieu Laferrière to answer a couple of questions about the future of work. He was conducting interviews for the future of work project of Bill Jensen. In this nine minutes video, I answered those questions: What choices have made you… you? The toughest challenges facing all... Read more

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Job titles are important


All employers expect you to give your 100% at work: doing the best that you can with the expertise, and experience you have. After all, you are being paid to do the work. Having a different title won’t make you do a better job. Being a senior won’t make you more efficient, but let’s be... Read more

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Some people are toxic, run while you can!


There are people that I defined as toxic. They are the one who are often sad because, as they say; the world is against them. They are the one who get mad at the first occasion. They are the one who will never be happy, and will always complain about anything and everything. They are... Read more

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The most marketable skill in the job market: communication!


The folks at Webucator asked me to write a blog post about what I thought is the most marketable skill to help recent graduates people to enter the job market. Without a doubt, my first thought was about the communication skill. No matter the type of job you will do, communication is critical. Let’s take... Read more

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Questions d’un développeur nouvellement entrepreneur


Lors d’un des tout premiers YulDev, j’ai discuté avec un développeur qui venait de partir à son compte. Ayant été moi-même à mon compte, pour une durée d’environ un an, mais sachant que je retournerais un de ces jours, j’ai accepté de répondre à ses questions sur mon expérience. Si tu avais des connaissances que... Read more

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You are boring


You were talking with someone, and suddenly that person saw someone else they know, and had to leave you to talk to him or her? Meet someone you recognize, and that person did not recognize you even after you had a long discussion days or weeks ago? You wrote a blog post, and not many... Read more

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Know when you lost a battle


In life, you need to choose your battles. Some are not worth your time, but obviously, some are. You fight them with time, and with energy. You have some high; you have some low. You fail, but you come back, stronger than ever. It’s a scenario that can go on forever. Maybe it’s time for... Read more

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First impression matter


I learn recently that Mozilla was not sure to hire me after my in-person series of interviews. They thought I had no personality. It’s funny. I don’t remember why they could have had this impression, but they know now that I do not lack personality. Maybe I was sick? Maybe it was the timezone change... Read more

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