My 3 words for 2017

It’s been five years now that I’m giving a direction to the new year by using three words instead of a specific resolution. In 2013, I used kaizen, time and discovery. In 2014, my words were quality, impact and minimalism. Two years ago, I choose health, less and experience to guide me. Finally, last year was... Read more

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Free stickers – show others that you are a lion

As I a mentioned in February, I decided to start my own business and go back to the marvelous world of freelancing with No lion is born king. No need to say that it’s an interesting time, not always easy, but overall, I’m quite happy! I’m also lucky as it’s going well, thanks to my... Read more

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The Day I Wanted to Kill Myself

A little more than a year ago, my life was perfect. At least, from my own point of view. I was engaged to the most formidable woman I ever knew and we were living in our beautiful spacious condominium with our kids, our three cats. People were paying me very well to share my passion... Read more

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Happiness – the minimalist way

I’ll spare you the details for now, but last year wasn’t easy for me. Since, I’m slowly assessing my life to understand how I can reach my actual life goal: being as happy as I can be. One realization is that it can’t be achieved with the lifestyle I had in the last couple of... Read more

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Open for new contracts

After a couple of weeks off, I’m back! Actually, it’s been two weeks that I’m working with customers, but I’m now ready to take more. Yes, that mean I decided to do some freelance work right now and have some opening. Taking in consideration my experience, and my passion, my offering is divided in three... Read more

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Looking for a new challenge

World War II poster with get excited and make things text

It’s the beginning of a new year, which means a blank slate to move forward, improve yourself, and enhance your life. Personally, I’m starting the year looking for a new full-time job! Over the last six months, I had the pleasure of working with the talented folks at IMMUNIO. However, the company is prioritizing other... Read more

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