How many people will attend my event?


Creative Commons: A new user group organizer contacted me to ask this simple question: from your experience, when people say “YES” to attend an event, what percentage of those people actually show up. You would expect people that RSVP to attend, but as I wrote in my 5 rules to be a good Read more

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My 5 rules to be a good citizen


Creative Commons: I’ve been using for many years as an attendee, but also as an organizer of HTML5mtl and Yuldev. I think I can say it’s now the de facto platform for anyone who wants to create a user group. Since I’m using it a lot, I wanted to share with you some... Read more

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Asking for sponsorship to speak: a lack of respect for the attendees


Creative Commons: When people pay to attend a conference, they do it for a lot of reasons, but the biggest one is to learn from great speakers and experts in the industry. Yes, the networking opportunities are awesome. The party, if any, may be magistral. You may even have to travel to a new... Read more

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Prospérité Québec, une campagne du conseil du patronat du Québec


Copyright: Depuis que je m’implique un peu plus dans le milieu des affaires et la communauté des technologies de Montréal, j’ai découvert un potentiel énorme au Québec et plus précisément à Montréal. N’y voyez pas ici une guerre de clocher: c’est simplement que j’y habite et c’est dans ma ville que je m’implique. Je... Read more

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Fred’s tees #42 – Still Kickin


Copyright: I’m not old, but I know I’m getting older: I even started to say the cliché sentences like “In my time” or “We were not like this when we were young”. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t feel old at all, but I guess it wouldn’t hurt to tell those youngsters that I’m... Read more

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Do you have a bozo list?


Creative Commons: I’m reading the biography of Steve Jobs. He was always classifying people in different buckets, and one of those categories was bozos. The people he didn’t like or didn’t trust. The ones that didn’t deserve his time, and energy. Like Steve, do you have a bozo list? I didn’t have one. Let’s... Read more

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