Fred’s tees #42 – Still Kickin


Copyright: I’m not old, but I know I’m getting older: I even started to say the cliché sentences like “In my time” or “We were not like this when we were young”. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t feel old at all, but I guess it wouldn’t hurt to tell those youngsters that I’m... Read more

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Do you have a bozo list?


Creative Commons: I’m reading the biography of Steve Jobs. He was always classifying people in different buckets, and one of those categories was bozos. The people he didn’t like or didn’t trust. The ones that didn’t deserve his time, and energy. Like Steve, do you have a bozo list? I didn’t have one. Let’s... Read more

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Codementor Office Hours on Personal Branding for developers


Since my book on personal branding for developers is now available, I also want to continue to share about the subject on this blog, but also at conferences. It’s why, on January 29th at 10AM (PDT), I’ll do a Codementor Office Hours on this exact topic: Beginners Guide for Building a Personal Brand in the... Read more

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Internet freedom with my internet stick from Rogers


Creative Commons: Being a Rogers Ambassador in Canada, Rogers offered me their internet stick with one of their data plan. I was quite happy as even if I’m working at home most of the time, I consider any public places to be an extension of my office: coffee shops, conference centers, airports, and more.... Read more

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Fred’s tees #41 – Not born king


Copyright: Yesterday afternoon, I was working at the Humble Lion coffee shop in Montréal. They are from the third wave of coffee but without the pretension it too often comes with, or like the owner told me, without being hipster-like. I was wearing this t-shirt from Arquebus Clothing Co, which I like as it’s... Read more

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The day I was ashamed of myself


Creative Commons: If you know me, you realized a long time ago I’m someone positive. I like my life, and I enjoy myself. Life is too short to be sad, live in the past or be annoy by things you have the power to change or when you have no control over a situation.... Read more

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