Fred’s tees #35 – Bricking Bad


I was a fan of Breaking Bad, and actually still is I didn’t watch the latest season yet, so it was a no-brainer when I saw this t-shirt from OtherTees. The fact that it’s in Lego is a plus too, even if  I already had one only with Walter. It remembers me one presentation I... Read more

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Have you ever think about your personal brand?


Do you think personal branding is not for you? Why should you care about your own brand? After all, it’s not like you are an actor or the lead singer for a rock band. In fact, it’s never been more important for you to think about yourself as a brand. I think it’s so important... Read more

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You don’t know everything, and it’s OK


I remember when I started as a Technical Evangelist: I wanted to know everything, and I was feeling bad when I didn’t know something. I had this imposter syndrome as I thought that, as a mentor for many developers, my role was to be that go to person for all in all. Over time, I... Read more

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I don’t care about my health, or do I?


I’ve never been a very active person, but it wasn’t a problem, until a couple of years ago. Getting older, not being active with bad eating habits, and working at home started to hit me a bit harder: I have begun to get fatter, and got some health problems. I never really care about my... Read more

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You can’t judge a book by its cover, but you do


Wearing a suite was part of my day to day life a couple of years ago. Everyday, before going to work, I was ironing my pants, and shirt. I wasn’t wearing a tie or a jacket, but I had the businessman look. One day, I decided to see if the proverb “you can’t judge a... Read more

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Tips and tricks for people #54_

Treating your potential customers like idiots is probably the best way to conclude a sale. Read more

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Fred’s tees #34 – Sit down, and learn


This t-shirt from Foot Locker (I can’t find it online) was Émilie‘s suggestion: she thought this tee was made for me. I like it: it fit my humble side! P.S.: Thanks to her for being the model. Read more

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So it’s your first flight, no worries, here are some thing you should think about


I remember my first flight: I was a bit stressed as it was a total new world for me. Everything is brand new: from getting your tickets, to check-in your baggages, to going threw security, and boarding into the plane. I know some people who are taking their first flight soon, so I thought it... Read more

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Because there aren’t enough cat pictures on the Internet: my first photography course homework


As I said in my post about creating slides worth of showing them, I’m taking two courses now, and one of them is about photography. This is a passion for me since a couple of years now, but since the beginning, I suck at taking pictures. I even invest in good equipments, but still, if... Read more

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How to blog more often


Don’t get me wrong: I’m a huge fan of quality over quantity. On the other side, quantity helped me get quality, and people often ask me how do I blog so often (an average of one post every other day). Depending on your blog, and the subjects you want to cover, it may be harder.... Read more

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How to Be a Rock Star Developer: a book on Personal BrandingLearn more