Street music #1


Everywhere I go I like to take pictures of beautiful street art, but there is another form of street art that I like: street music. All those musicians, sometimes very good, other time, not that much, are part of discovering a new city. It’s not just about travelling as we have a lot of those... Read more

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Fred’s tees #37 – Responsive Web Design


I’m a huge fan of the responsive web design technique. I did many talks on the subject, and helped countless people to understand, and make their applications as their sites using that technique. As with many of my t-shirts, it was a no brainer to me when I saw this tee on Cotton Bureau. Read more

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From shy introvert to colorful extrovert


People are always telling me that I’m lucky to be an extravert, that it’s nice that speaking in front of people doesn’t scare me or that I have the power to do everything I want because of my personality. It’s true, but I worked to get that luck… Many years ago, I was one of... Read more

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It’s about how people perceive you


As a teenager, I was working in a bowling. One evening, my boss looked at me, and asked me if everything was fine: she saw that I had red eyes. I knew what she had in mind: is Fred smoked weed before his shift? I didn’t know why my eyes were like this, but the... Read more

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Web first


I evangelised mobile first, and responsive web design for years now. Not that I’ll stop, but I’ll switch my primary focus on something even more important, something I’m calling web first! I’m a big fan of giving a great experience to the users, and I know you are too. Unfortunately, that means native applications for... Read more

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See you at FITC Toronto in April


I’m a big fan of the FITC conferences in Toronto: there always a lot of good talks, amazing people, and a creative flow all over the place. As far as I know, it’s also the biggest tech conference we have in Canada. Once a Flash conference (Flash In The Can), it’s now open for everything... Read more

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Time is money


I’m not a businessman who lives by the saying that time is money, but whether we like or not, it’s true. Every other week, a cleaner is doing my housecleaning. It’s not a question of being able to afford this or not; it’s cheaper than you think. It’s about freeing this time so I can... Read more

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Tips and tricks for people #56_

As you don’t like something, it makes total sense that others shouldn’t like it too. Read more

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Fred’s tees #36 – Sherlock


I like Sherlock, the BBC series. I enjoy mostly everything including this character: we just started Elementary, another series on this enigmatic detective, and it’s quite good too. Only the latest movies didn’t resonate with me. This one is no longer available on Qwertee, but you can find plenty of tees about Cumberbatch as Sherlock. Read more

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No job is secure


Yesterday, someone told me that I should start looking for a new job as Mozilla is working to diversify is source of revenue by showing ads on new tab tiles. His point? If Mozilla is looking for new revenue, it’s maybe because they are expecting something to go wrong with the biggest contributor to our... Read more

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