Fred’s tees #40 – Normal people


By popular demand, I’ll continue to write my Fred’s tees series. After all, people are still asking me where I buy my t-shirts, and I have a personal brand to continue to promote, haha! There is no better way to resume this posts series with this amazing t-shirt from Words Brand that say it all… Read more

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Alors, alors

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L’autre c’est peut-être toi, va savoir… Read more

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Fred’s tees #39 – Too much bacon?


It’s been a while I did not share my t-shirts with you, but it’s not because of a shortage of those! Do I have to say more about this tee I just ordered from SnorgTees? Hummmmmm bacon… Read more

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The one time I sang with a live band


As you may know, I was part of a fundraising (French post) for the Marie-Vincent Foundation. I was one of the IT leaders in the Montreal industry, along with friends as the guys of Real Venture, to sing a song in front of the attendees. The goal was to raise money for the foundation. If... Read more

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Tips and tricks for people #57_

Listing items without the prices on your website doesn’t make me think at all that you believe your price aren’t competitive. Read more

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Fred’s tees #38 – Wikipedia College


Wikipedia is known as the online dictionary of the web, and I’m no exception about using it. It was natural for me to buy this t-shirt from Qwertee as this free encyclopedia contributed a lot to my personal knowledge. Read more

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Street music #1


Everywhere I go I like to take pictures of beautiful street art, but there is another form of street art that I like: street music. All those musicians, sometimes very good, other time, not that much, are part of discovering a new city. It’s not just about travelling as we have a lot of those... Read more

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Fred’s tees #37 – Responsive Web Design


I’m a huge fan of the responsive web design technique. I did many talks on the subject, and helped countless people to understand, and make their applications as their sites using that technique. As with many of my t-shirts, it was a no brainer to me when I saw this tee on Cotton Bureau. Read more

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Tips and tricks for people #56_

As you don’t like something, it makes total sense that others shouldn’t like it too. Read more

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