I’m here to help you with Firefox OS


As you probably know now, my new role at Mozilla is all about Firefox OS. I’ll have opportunities to do broader Open Web stuff like the friends (and now co-workers) Christian Heilmann, and Robert Nyman do, but at the end, 99,9% of my time will be dedicated to the mobile side of the Open Web... Read more

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A sticker I never thought I would see in a Mozilla office


Of course, I’m not talking about the GitHub or the Persona one… Read more

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Tips and tricks for people #36_

I don’t have kids, but I am pretty sure that there is all the place you need in the washroom to change the diaper of your baby, and that you don’t need to do it on the restaurant bench next to people who are eating. Read more

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First week done as a Mozillian

Creative Commons: http://developer.mozilla.org

Today I’m starting my second week as a Technical Evangelist at Mozilla focusing on Firefox OS. Of course, everything is new, and magic, so I’ll need more time to get a better idea out of it, but I can say that only after my first week, I’m really happy with my new job. The first... Read more

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Le Geek Show 3.0, un spectacle d’humour à ne pas manquer

Copyright: ZooFest

Cette année encore, ZooFest accueille le Geek Show et ce n’est pas pour me déplaire. Ils en sont à leur troisième édition (mon billet invitant à aller voir la première édition, ainsi que la deuxième) et pour avoir été présent aux deux premières, je ne voulais pas rater l’événement. Encore une fois, la production m’offre... Read more

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Fred’s tees #14 – Follow the white rabbit


As you can see, it’s not a Matrix tee, but an Alice in Wonderland one. I’m not a particular fan of Alice in Wonderland, except about the latest version from Tim Burton, but I really like this zombie-like white rabbit. I learn, afterward, that this design come from a horror movie I can’t name as... Read more

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Thanks Microsoft

Copyright PhotoJunkie: http://www.flickr.com/photos/photojunkie/6461751385/in/pool-webnotwar/

I’m a big believer in the fact that you learn something in mostly everything you do. I learn a lot in past jobs, and it was the same at Microsoft. Today was my last day as a Microsoft employee, and I wanted to thank the company, and more importantly, the people as the past two... Read more

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Tips and tricks for people #35_

In a tea room, for the respect of all other customers, whispering is a good idea. Read more

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Sometimes, I’m not that proud of Verdun


Seriously? I mean, the wall painting was not beautiful, and now, they added some distaff to fit the wall. At least, if it was for kids I would understand, but there is nothing there for kids: no toys, no sand, no water fountain… I pass in front of this quite often, and I rarely see... Read more

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Take the red pill and enter the Matrix


I just found in my draft folder a post about an online presentation I did one year ago on WebMatrix. Even if the software as evolved in the last year, and that it wasn’t one of my priority anymore, I thought it would be nice to share this video as I think WebMatrix is a... Read more

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