Fred’s tees #31 – Proof of my humility


When I found this t-shirt while browsing TheShirtDudes site, I thought it could be a good way to show my humility to the rest of the world. Read more

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Don’t accept the status quo


Creative Commons: Yesterday evening, I was watching the movie Jobs, about Steve Jobs. No matter if you are a fan of this man or Apple, we can agree on two things: he was a jerk, but he never accepted the status quo as a show stopper. I really enjoyed the movie as I recognized... Read more

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Creative Commons: I’ll start to eat healthier tomorrow. I’ll search for a new job tomorrow. I’ll start to go to the gym tomorrow. I’ll do my homework tomorrow. I’ll clean up the house tomorrow. I’ll write the book I always wanted to write tomorrow. Tomorrow is our ennemy. Now is the friend you want... Read more

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Vertical Video Syndrome


Let’s try to educate people on the Vertical Video Syndrome: this video is making a good job to explain why shooting a video in vertical is awful… I hope you learn something, happy boxing day! Read more

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Merry Christmas


Creative Commons: No matter the meaning of Christmas for you, celebrating at that time of the year is for most of us, a time to slow down, relax, and take some time with friends, and family. When it comes to holidays’ greetings, I’m probably one of the worst people in the world, so I’ll... Read more

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The evolvement of the tech industry – A Make Web Not War presentation at Devcamp Vancouver 2011


Creative Commons: Last week, I was talking with someone about my role as a Technical Evangelist: the person was quite surprised that I went from Microsoft to Mozilla. Of course, the company structure, and culture are really different, but I never quit the Open Source world. Part of my role for my previous employer... Read more

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