I’m working on a personal branding book for developers


Creative Commons: http://j.mp/JPFq23 This year I got two book writing offers, but the technology/topic didn’t interest me enough to make the deal with the editor: those opportunities make me think that I would like to write a book. Why not? I like to write. I like to share. I would like to develop more about... Read more

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Make the process frictionless


Creative Commons: http://j.mp/1eqTjkC With everything is life, if you want people to do something, make the process frictionless as much as possible. It’s good for selling a product, getting people to use your platform, having your friends helping you moving to a new apartment, even to get people to read your blog. If it’s not... Read more

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Working remotely isn’t just an advantage for the worker


Creative Commons: http://j.mp/1khEPUj It’s eight pm, and I got an eureka moment while watching the tv: I had a very annoying bug for an application I’m working on for work, and I thought I found the solution. I decided to work a little on my code, and see if my idea was right. Five hours... Read more

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True friendship


Mathieu Chartier, and I – Thanks to Eva Blue http://j.mp/1j3V49l Nothing more to add… Read more

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Do you have a positive impact on other’s life?


Creative Commons: http://j.mp/1jY5e9t I like to share: it’s why I’m doing public speaking, and blogging. I want to share my opinion, but more important, I want to share my way of thinking, and help other to understand what I understood. It may be good for you, or not, but at least I’m trying. Yesterday evening... Read more

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You can’t please everyone, get over it


Creative Commons: http://j.mp/1jTMaJm If you don’t like me, I don’t care. This is an attitude I took a couple of years ago for one simple reason: I am who I am, and I won’t change for you. I learnt a long time ago that you can’t please everyone… Some people won’t like you. Some people... Read more

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