HTML5 & Windows 8, friends with benefits

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In March, I was in Toronto for a Windows 8 event that DevTO, HTML5 Toronto, and JavaScript Toronto made in collaboration with us, Make Web Not War. The event was a mix of installfest, hackathon, and some presentations. I started the day with an introduction to Windows 8, and how to build amazing applications with HTML5, CSS3,... Read more

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Soyez remercié comme il se doit


Finissons ce vendredi avec une photo que je n’arrive pas à bien qualifier. Prise dans la toilette d’un Esso à Pointe-Saint-Charles, cette magnifique affiche laminée, qui part d’une bonne volonté j’en suis sûr, me laisse perplexe. Entièrement d’accord de vouloir garder l’endroit propre, mais l’arrière-plan de nature, dans un endroit tout aussi peu confortable qu’une étroite toilette de garage, je ne sais pas. De plus, on nous offre un désodorisant pour nous remercier d’avoir signalé que cettedite toilette n’est pas... Read more

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HTML5 challenge #1 – Canvas & File API

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For the first challenge, let’s start with an element that raise a lot of curiosity, the <canvas>. Your challenge is to create a little paint software. Don’t be afraid of the term, it’s simpler than you think: it’s a site that will give the opportunity to the user to open an image file, draw on it... Read more

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Fred’s tees #12 – Keep calm


You know the “Keep Calm and Carry On” propaganda that was done during the Second World War? There are a lot of parodies now, and I have to say that I have 2-3 t-shirts about those, but this one is my favorite. Actually, I don’t know why, I guess I find it funny that it’s... Read more

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Tips and tricks for people #32_

Bringing your kid to the gym is one thing, as there is a kids’ corner with some toys, and movies: letting her go everywhere without watching her as she can clearly hurt herself, is another. Read more

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Kobo Town, Jumbie in the Jukebox… a festive music


Once in a while, music companies send me albums or show tickets as they know that I’m a big fan of music. Even if I have no obligation, every time a company gives me something, I try to do a blog post to give my own personal opinion, whether it’s positive or not: at the end, they... Read more

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Erreur 404


Bien joué aux gens de la boutique informatique de la coop de l’UQÀM. Ça fait changement des messages standards de déménagement… P.-S. Merci à l’imbécile qui a fait un graffiti sur la fenêtre… je déteste tellement les graffiteurs… Read more

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Le Festival Geek est de retour


Je me souviens encore du 22 juillet 2009, le jour où j’ai décidé de lancer l’idée de faire un Festival Geek à Montréal (aka GeekFestMtl). Ce fut hallucinant de voir tous les commentaires positifs des gens qui voulaient que je fasse de mon idée, une réalité. Ce fut à un point tel que 5 jours après... Read more

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Tips and tricks for people #31_

As a speaker, don’t read your slides, they are a visual support for your presentation. Read more

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Fred’s tees #11 – Lindsey Stirling


I’m not just a techno Geek. I’m also a big fan of music, so wearing t-shirts on artists or groups that I like is a way for me to show my passion, but also to help promote what they are doing. Lindsey Stirling is fabulous! It’s an amazing mix between violin, electro, energy, and sexyness! It has... Read more

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