So you want to find a co-founder for your startup idea in Montreal?


Creative Commons: I’ve got asked quite often about the startup industry in Montreal: people have ideas, but don’t have the technical skills to make it happen or just don’t know where to start. I have a good network of technical resources, but when it comes to find a co-founder, we are talking about a... Read more

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Going to Athens in Greece, anything a tourist should do?


Creative Commons: I like to travel, and I’m lucky enough to have a job that gives me this opportunity. After my next trip to Budapest in Hungary (by the way, I had no reply for this post, so feel free to give me some advices if you live or have been to Budapest), I... Read more

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How I became a Technical Evangelist


Creative Commons: I often get questions about how to become an Evangelist. I can’t give you a magic recipe, but I can tell you how I managed to land my dream job. Before I start, be sure to understand what the job is all about: it’s not just about doing conferences, and traveling. So,... Read more

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How to be a good attendee


Creative Commons: There are numerous posts out there about being a good speaker, but what about being a good attendee? I’ve been, and spoke to enough conferences to see what annoy the person on the stage. Since the individual with the mic is giving his time, and his expertise to the attendees, I think... Read more

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Cory Arcangel – Un art informatique aux accents pop


Émilie qui tente de tuer Warhol et non le colonel PFK Il y a quelques jours, la galerie DHC/ART m’a invité à venir visiter l’exposition Power Points de Cory Arcangel. N’étant pas un connaisseur du milieu des arts, mais sachant toutefois grandement appréciée cette forme d’expression, j’ai tout de suite accepté l’offre: j’essaie toujours de... Read more

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Tips and tricks for people #48_

There is nothing more useful than generic error messages. Read more

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