Fred’s tees #4


Far from me the idea of making fun about war, but these “Keep Calm and Carry On” t-shirts are everywhere, and so funny. As a bacon lover, I bought this tee as soon as I saw it on Snorgtees. Who doesn’t love bacon? Hummmm bacon… Read more

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Tips and tricks for people #24_

If your store takes cash only, please notify us before we want to buy something, or at least, have these thieves, I mean ATM. Read more

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Microsoft & l’Open Source, la guerre des étoiles version techno


Dans une galaxie lointaine, Microsoft faisait la guerre à l’Open Source. Aujourd’hui, nous sommes dans un système solaire où la paix règne et l’entraide est de mise. L’étoile de la mort n’est plus, et l’ouverture, ainsi que l’interopérabilité sont les mots d’ordre de la nouvelle république. Dans cette courte présentation, venez en apprendre un peu... Read more

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Fred’s tees #3


I am an HTTP hipster also known as an HTTPSTER. Yes, HTTP is a big part of my life, I can’t hide it. When I saw this t-shirt on Twitter (I don’t remember who sent a picture of it), I know it was made for me. As much as I like (sarcasm on) hipsters, this is the... Read more

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An accordion guy in Montreal


Two weeks ago, my friend Joey DeVilla was in town. We planned some time to catch up, and went to a local bistro. As usual Joey had his accordion, but this time it was to give Émilie the opportunity to try it (as you can see on the picture). Right after her attempt of getting some... Read more

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Tips and tricks for people #23_

If you are making an online contest, don’t ask participants to share annoy as most as possible their friends, and followers on social media to win: that won’t make us like your brand. Read more

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The secret that nobody will tell you about success

Creative Commons:

Success means different thing for each of us. Some are looking to get more money to buy the things they liked, for others it’s all about raising a family, or being successful in their career, or a mix of many goals. From the top of my 30 years old, I had a lot of failures,... Read more

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Fred’s tees #2


I’m not just a Geeky t-shirts lover, I also like the funny ones. One part of my plan for today is to take some drinks with a friend who is visiting Montreal, Joey DeVilla. For those of you that know Joey, and myself, I think it was the perfect tee to wear! You can buy this... Read more

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Tips and tricks for people #22_

Putting too much perfume create the opposite result of what you are trying to do.   Read more

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I’m a shareaholic, so I’m enjoying Yelp


I like to share with others. It’s why I’m blogging, and why I like social media so much. It’s also why I’m doing my job: I’m sharing my passion about technology. One of my preferred website in the past, Praized, is now a dead project.  This website gave me the opportunity to review local venues... Read more

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How to Be a Rock Star Developer: a book on Personal BrandingLearn more