I’m a shareaholic, so I’m enjoying Yelp


I like to share with others. It’s why I’m blogging, and why I like social media so much. It’s also why I’m doing my job: I’m sharing my passion about technology. One of my preferred website in the past, Praized, is now a dead project.  This website gave me the opportunity to review local venues... Read more

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Fred’s tees #1


It’s not a secret, I like tees. I’m known for being the guy with the coolest t-shirts at work, and in many spheres of my life. I believe that it’s part of my brand: the guy in jeans (or short), with t-shirts no matter the circumstances. Sometimes funny, most of the time Geeky, I’m a... Read more

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Social Media Breakfast Montreal and the personal branding

Social Media Breakfast Montreal — SMBMTL #12 – What a Technical Evangelist can t_2012-08-21_10-58-21

Do you know Social Media Breakfast events? Those are recurring events that, like the name said, are related to social media. It’s a way for social media enthusiasts, and professional to learn, but also to network with each other. We are lucky, has we have a chapter in Montreal, the Social Media Breakfast Montreal. I... Read more

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WordPress dans les nuages au Wordcamp Montréal


En ce moment même Wordcamp 2012 a lieu à Montréal. Une fin de semaine pour amateurs, initiés et experts de cette magnifique plateforme qu’est WordPress. J’ai eu le plaisir de présenter cette année à propos de WordPress dans les nuages, aussi connu sous WordPress in the cloud comme dans Cloud Computing ou cet affreux terme... Read more

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Tips and tricks for people #21_

If you don’t come in advance to a concert, don’t try to go near the scene by passing in front of people who are there since way longer than you. Read more

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Le gouvernement investit dans nos infrastructures


Encore une histoire de Duct Tape. Vu au coin de Ste-Catherine et McGill College il y a 2-3 semaines. Read more

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5 years later, she is still with me


Today is the celebration of our 5 years together, as a couple. Yes, after 5 years, I am still amazed by our couple as we are truly made for each other: She can be this perpetual student. I can be this social beast. She can be this movie snob. I can be this frequent traveler. She can be this... Read more

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Tips and tricks for people #20_

If you cannot join a meeting, please notify the organizers as soon as you know. Read more

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Out of Comfort Zone dans la démo de l’agence TP1


Lors de la refonte de mon blogue, j’avais eu quelques offres d’entreprises d’un peu partout au Canada suite à mon billet où je mentionnais rechercher un bon designer. Je voulais toutefois encourager une entreprise du Québec. Je devais aussi choisir une entreprise capable de répondre à mes besoins, dont celui de créer un blogue moins corporatif,... Read more

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20 pounds, and counting

Creative Commons: http://www.flickr.com/photos/pixelthing/7582140718/

It’s been ten weeks now that I’m trying to lose weight, and I must say that it’s working. I weigh myself once a week, and today I exceed the psychological milestone of 20 pounds. Actually I lost 22 pounds since May 29. I turned thirty, five months ago, and I figured out that it was... Read more

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