A restaurant for me, or maybe not?


I saw this restaurant when I was walking in Toronto yesterday evening. I shouldn’t go as I’m not supposed to be there! Read more

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Living with a Girly girl


I just saw this at the Centre Eaton Montréal, and it frightens me. That can totally be our bath at home, and let’s be clear, I’m not talking about the kind of bath! I love Émilie, but… too.. many… shoes… at… home… Read more

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Don’t be shy, leave a comment

Creative Commons: http://j.mp/QcGp91

I know, I’m doing it a lot. I read a blog post, and I’m not leaving a comment to the author. There are so many things to read on the Internet, and so many other things to do that I don’t have time to leave comments. But I’m wrong! People are taking the time to share... Read more

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Tips and tricks for people #25_

If your attendees have paid for your event, respect them by having someone at the door who checks for people with tickets. Read more

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Don’t feed the trolls


I took a decision concerning trolls: I won’t feed them anymore. I’m the kind of person who like to have a good discussion on different topics. I like to give my point, listen to others points, and discuss about the pros, and cons of both opinions. It’s healthy to do so, but with trolls, it is... Read more

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How to disable autocorrect in Windows 8


As I write sometimes in English (read Frenglish), and sometimes in French, I’m not a fan of any autocorrect options. I used Antidote to correct my French texts, and Ginger for my English ones. So one of the things that annoyed me in Internet Explorer 10 was the autocorrect option. As the language of my operating system is... Read more

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Fred’s tees #4


Far from me the idea of making fun about war, but these “Keep Calm and Carry On” t-shirts are everywhere, and so funny. As a bacon lover, I bought this tee as soon as I saw it on Snorgtees. Who doesn’t love bacon? Hummmm bacon… Read more

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Tips and tricks for people #24_

If your store takes cash only, please notify us before we want to buy something, or at least, have these thieves, I mean ATM. Read more

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Microsoft & l’Open Source, la guerre des étoiles version techno


Dans une galaxie lointaine, Microsoft faisait la guerre à l’Open Source. Aujourd’hui, nous sommes dans un système solaire où la paix règne et l’entraide est de mise. L’étoile de la mort n’est plus, et l’ouverture, ainsi que l’interopérabilité sont les mots d’ordre de la nouvelle république. Dans cette courte présentation, venez en apprendre un peu... Read more

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Fred’s tees #3


I am an HTTP hipster also known as an HTTPSTER. Yes, HTTP is a big part of my life, I can’t hide it. When I saw this t-shirt on Twitter (I don’t remember who sent a picture of it), I know it was made for me. As much as I like (sarcasm on) hipsters, this is the... Read more

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