Now is the perfect moment


Creative Commons: Don’t wait for the perfect idea. Don’t wait for a better moment. Don’t wait at all! Now is the perfect moment. The perfect moment to do what you have to do. The perfect moment to create what you want to create. The perfect moment to achieve to goal you want to achieve. Do it now!... Read more

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My new USB cable… Seriously? iLuv! P.S.: Hey, I didn’t choose it! I bought it at the Seattle airport as I lost mine, and it was the only one available. Read more

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Tips and tricks for people #27_

If you send me an email, except if it’s critical, there is no need to ping me also on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn for the same topic. Read more

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Fred’s tees #10 – Why so serious?


It’s not because my name is Harper, that I need to like the Queen. It’s a known fact, in Quebec, we are not big fans of the monarchy, and I found a way to show my allegiance with this amazing tee from Threadless! At the end, it’s also a tribute to life, and the Joker who... Read more

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Confoo 2013, and an amazing hackathon


This year again, the Confoo conference will happen in Montreal at the end of February. I will be there, again, with the Make Web Not War team as we found that Confoo is a great place to learn, share, meet, and have fun! For the 2013 edition, we will have something special for the attendees, but... Read more

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