Tips and tricks for people #29_

If the pedestrian red light or the traffic red one is on, there is only one thing to understand: you can’t cross the street. Read more

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Obvious placard is obvious


I took this picture last time I was in Seattle. I’m a big Starbucks fan, but seriously? Oh, I get it! It’s for people who are walking, and watching their phone at the same time: they won’t miss the coffee shop… Read more

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I won’t give you the answer


Creative Commons: From the time I had to help other developers, had interns, lead development team, became the subject matter experts, did proctoring in workshops… I have always been that kind of guy: the kind of guy who don’t give the answer. If you have a little quick question, and I know you did... Read more

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Tips and tricks for people #28_

The best way to promote whatever is to add me, without my consent, to your mailing list. Read more

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Now is the perfect moment


Creative Commons: Don’t wait for the perfect idea. Don’t wait for a better moment. Don’t wait at all! Now is the perfect moment. The perfect moment to do what you have to do. The perfect moment to create what you want to create. The perfect moment to achieve to goal you want to achieve. Do it now!... Read more

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My new USB cable… Seriously? iLuv! P.S.: Hey, I didn’t choose it! I bought it at the Seattle airport as I lost mine, and it was the only one available. Read more

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