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I'm a professional international speaker. It's something that I love to do as I like to share my passion, knowledge, ideas, and thoughts with other passionate people. Most of the time, presentations are about technical topics related to the developers' world, but I'm also a big fan of improving yourself, your life, and personal branding. It could go from beginners to experts subjects. I'm open for keynotes, presentations, panels, and talking to medias: you'll have a unique, and authentic speaker...Are you responsible for finding speakers for your conference or user group? You think I should submit a session for an event you'll attend? Check how to book me for an event. You can download my speaking kit which includes my English, French, and Spanish (thanks to Pablo Bernardo) biography in different length. It also includes different pictures you can use for the promotion.


I can cover a wide variety of topics, usually technical ones. Here is a list, but not limited to, of topics I can do:


  • Firefox OS
  • Personal branding for developers (I'm writing a book on the topic)
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Mobile First
  • Designing mobile applications
  • The futur of IT
  • Topics for students in IT


Speaking Experience

This is an exhaustive list of all the speaking I did: keynotes, presentations, and panels. You can find the slides, the video recording, and even recap blog posts (details label) for some of them.P.S.: Keep in mind that even if many talks have the same title, it's always a different talk as my content is always updated, adapted to the crowd, and delivered in a different way.


    Appday Athens 2013 with @fharper Mozilla FF evangelist. Nice presentation, loved the frenglish accent
    - Luka Sučić
    Motivated by @fharper talk last week at @smbmtl, I started working on a presentation about #productivity. All over KeyNote this weekend :)
    - LordAlex Leon
    We had a wonderful time at @SMBMTL! @fharper you did an amazing job, we loved your public speaking tips and funny jokes, keep it up!
    - Social Media Community Managers of the Montréal ING DIRECT Café
    Awesome keynote of @fharper at #webandphpcon
    - Alejandro Narancio
    Seeing @fharper present technical tools shows me that we can complain about Microsoft a lot, but they really train their people. #goodstuff
    - Christian Heilmann
    HE NAILED IT! #kwsmtl
    - Nathalie Carrenard
    Just got an idea, fired up VS2012 and coded a new WP8 app in 45min! (might become a Win8 app later) @fharper you are THAT inspiring ;-)
    - Laurent Duveau
    Thanks @fharper for the awesome talk at Social Media Breakfast. Didn't realize until this morning that I have a personal brand :) #smbmtl
    - Suzanne Dergacheva
    awesome talk, awesome shirt, and awesome accent! Lol #SCREENS12
    - Joanna Ong
    Very interesting presentation about “Les Nuages” by @fharper #wcmtl #azure
    - François R. Caron
    Some top industry leaders in St. John's today @zeldman @aarron @beep @adactio @globalmoxie @hellogeri @TommyLee @fharper #gobeyondpixels
    - John Blundon
    Sitting on the floor. RWD with @fharper is packed. #fitcto #rwd
    - Andrew Smyk
    Frederic Harper offered such a fun, interactive session! Check him out @fharper #SpotlightHTML5 #FITC
    - Erika Szabo
    Microsoft + OpenSource. Awesome presentation by @fharper #webnotwar
    - Alexander Yakobovich
    My 2 favorite speakers @garazi Greg Rewis on CSS3 and @fharper Frédéric Harper on The State of the Web :) Awesome conference!!!
    - Mike Melo