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My blog posts frequency


I’ve been blogging daily since a couple of months now, but eleven days ago, I stopped. It wasn’t intentional as I had no shortage of post ideas: I still have more than one hundred fifty drafts waiting for me. It was a time constraint: I didn’t prioritize blogging while I was at my team Paris... Read more

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Don’t be ashamed of self-promotion


Let’s be honest, we all use our social media channels to promote ourselves, and our projects. Many people feel ashamed to do so. I don’t. I think we shouldn’t… There are a lot of things we can promote: our expertise, our friends, our ideas, our tastes, our knowledge, our projects, our company… Like everything in... Read more

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How to blog more often


Don’t get me wrong: I’m a huge fan of quality over quantity. On the other side, quantity helped me get quality, and people often ask me how do I blog so often (an average of one post every other day). Depending on your blog, and the subjects you want to cover, it may be harder.... Read more

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The magic happens out of your comfort zone


Someone asked me recently why I named my blog “Out of Comfort Zone”, and that make me realize that I never wrote a post to explain it: I wanted this post to be one of the first of this blog, but after nearly two years, it may be time to explain it. Of course, everybody... Read more

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So you want to start blogging? If not, you should!


There are many things I realized in my life, and I spread those ideas to as many people as I can! I want folk to think about their personal brand. I introduce people to the opportunities that come with public speaking! I’m also praising the benefits of starting a blog to whoever wants to hear... Read more

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Better comment at the source


It’s been a while that I want to write this blog post, but the friend Nicolas Roberge, beats me four years ago (in French). I think it’s still an important topic, so I’ll write my own version of it. Since a couple of years, we have many communications channels on the web, and some of... Read more

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How I choose when to write a blog post in French, or in English


This is a question I get quite often from people who are blogging or think about starting to blog. They are trying to find if they should blog in their mother tongue, or in English, or even if they should do both like me. They want to know why I choose to do both, and... Read more

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What can you expect from me as an Evangelist?

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You probably know it by now, I’m looking for a new opportunity as I’m leaving Microsoft. The next challenge that I’m looking for will certainly be in the Evangelism space (or something related) as it’s a role I like so much, and that is what I want to continue to do for a living. Since... Read more

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Guest blog posts

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I’ve been asked quite often to publish blog posts from guest bloggers on this site. Sometimes it’s like a press release from an agency, and sometimes it’s from people in the community. I figured out that I would publish my thoughts around it, so I can refer to this post when people ask me. First,... Read more

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2012, a good year for me

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Last year, I did a list of things I wanted to achieve in 2012. It was like a big list of resolutions, that I had more, and less in my head all year long. Let’s do a quick recap. 2012 achievements I wanted to blog more I definitely blog more in 2012, than in 2011.... Read more

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