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My Twitter manifesto


I was talking with the friend Christian Heilmann the other day, and he was highlighting the fact that it’s important today to have a Twitter manifesto, or a place where followers can refer about what you do, what you won’t do, and what can happen if they follow you on Twitter. Since I’m always transparent... Read more

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Life is too short, make it worthwhile


Life is too short! We need to experience new stuff, and discover unknown places: in other words, we need to live. It’s been a while that I’m thinking about doing this series of posts, and now is the good time. Yesterday after our team offsite, at the restaurant, the friend Christian Heilmann told us that... Read more

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Keep calm and browse on


There are so many parodies of the Keep calm, and carry on poster used in the Second World War, and even if most of them are shitty, once in a while, I found a good one. A couple of weeks ago, the friend Christian Heilmann tweeted about one from the Mozilla assets: Keep calm, and... Read more

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I’m here to help you with Firefox OS


As you probably know now, my new role at Mozilla is all about Firefox OS. I’ll have opportunities to do broader Open Web stuff like the friends (and now co-workers) Christian Heilmann, and Robert Nyman do, but at the end, 99,9% of my time will be dedicated to the mobile side of the Open Web... Read more

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A few other tricks about public speaking and stage technology

Creative Commons: http://j.mp/11Or42G

The friend, and future co-worker Christian Heilmann did a good blog post by giving some tricks for people who want to do some public speaking. It’s no secret, I want to start a speaker camp (workshop) in Montreal to help people about public speaking as I want more people to be able to share their... Read more

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I’m joining Mozilla


It was a bold move to leave Microsoft without knowing what would be next, but it was also a great experience. I was impatient to write a blog post about my new role, and that day has come as I accepted an offer yesterday! I’m thrilled, and very excited to announce that I’m joining the... Read more

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So you want to be an Evangelist?

Copyright David Champagne http://davidchampagne.ca

It’s been a couple of times that people ask me what it take to be an Evangelist. Always in the mindset of saving some keystrokes, I decided to do a blog post about my vision of it. First let’s clarify something: there are many types of Evangelist roles around the world, and the job I... Read more

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