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The most marketable skill in the job market: communication!


The folks at Webucator asked me to write a blog post about what I thought is the most marketable skill to help recent graduates people to enter the job market. Without a doubt, my first thought was about the communication skill. No matter the type of job you will do, communication is critical. Let’s take... Read more

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You are an influencer


Yesterday, I was part of a panel on communication, and connection. At one point, we discussed about connecting with the right person, and we talk about influential people. The first thought of mostly everybody in the room was about those people who are well connected, who are kind-of famous, and get a lot of traction... Read more

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Interested in communication, and connection? Join me at the ThoughtBasin panel.


On the evening of the 23rd of January, I’ll be a speaker on a panel about communication, and connection with amazing people like Rami Sayar (more to be announce soon). This event, organized by ThoughtBasin, and happening at Concordia is primarily targeting students, and young professional, but is open to everyone. Here is the abstract... Read more

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Tips and tricks for people #46_

Leaving the initial communication in an email conversation is of no use since you are the only person I sent an email to. Read more

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Tips and tricks for people #27_

If you send me an email, except if it’s critical, there is no need to ping me also on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn for the same topic. Read more

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Show me your book: Strengths Finder 2.0_

One thing that is awesome with my job is that our team is all about learning and getting better. I’m the kind of guy who think there is things I need to learn by myself, on my own time, but other things that my employer need to pay for it in a form or in... Read more

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Michelle Sullivan_

Ce billet a été initialement rédigé sur le défunt blogue Portrait de blogueurs Michelle Sullivan, directrice des Médias sociaux et des communications numériques chez HKDP, œuvre dans le domaine des relations publiques depuis neuf ans déjà. Parfaitement bilingue, elle a mené à bien toute une gamme de mandats pancanadiens pour des clients dans les secteurs... Read more

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Sophie Labelle_

Ce billet a été initialement rédigé sur le défunt blogue Portrait de blogueurs Sophie Labelle est une fille de communication geek aux 1001 passions. Curieuse et épicurienne, elle aime notamment la techno, la psycho, la photo, l’architecture, les arts, la danse, les voyages, l’environnement et l’écotourisme. Sur son blogue intitulé SOlstice en RP (http://sophielabelle.blogspot.com) qu’elle... Read more

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Et si on intégrait les blogueurs dans nos promotions ?_

Ce billet a été initialement rédigé sur le défunt blogue À la base 2 Il y a environ 3 semaines, j’avais une discussion fort intéressante avec l’ami Fabrice Calando sur la place des blogueurs dans la promotion Web. Ça semblait être un sujet du moment, car l’amie Josiane Massé en parlait sur Branchez-Vous. En quoi consistait cette discussion?... Read more

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