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Community Evangelist: Firefox OS developer outreach at MozCamp India


At the end of June, I was in India to do a train the trainer session at MozCamp India. The purpose of the session Janet Swisher (first time we worked together, and I think we got a winning combo), and I delivered was to help Mozillians to become Community Evangelists. Our goal was to help... Read more

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No speakers, no conferences.


No speakers, no conferences. No one can argue against this, so it’s why I think speakers deserve more respect for their work. Don’t get me wrong, I had a lot of great experiences as a speaker, but I saw many situations that could have been avoided. In the end, it should lead to a better... Read more

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See you at FITC Toronto in April


I’m a big fan of the FITC conferences in Toronto: there always a lot of good talks, amazing people, and a creative flow all over the place. As far as I know, it’s also the biggest tech conference we have in Canada. Once a Flash conference (Flash In The Can), it’s now open for everything... Read more

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A better way to showcase my speaking experience


One thing I like to do when someone ask me to speak at their event, is to let them know that they can count on an experienced, professional, and authentic speaker. I always had a speaking page on this blog, but the information wasn’t well presented. I decided to do a good cleanup, and finalize... Read more

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Make your slides worth of showing them


Since two weeks, I’m back on the school bench: I’m taking a wine course from the SAQ, and a photography one from Collège Marsan (in French). One is helping me properly use my DSLR to make better picture, and the other one to take my wine love to the next level. Since I’m on the... Read more

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KWS Forum : Technologie, développement social et économique


Il y a de cela quelques mois, j’étais présentateur pour la première édition à Montréal du Kongossa Web Séries, un forum sur la technologie, le développement social et économique. Le sujet de ma présentation, en anglais, était le personal branding. Mon but était de faire comprendre aux gens l’importance de penser en terme de marque... Read more

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Every talk is a product pitch


Most of the conferences have one rule for their speakers: no product pitch. I think they are wrong. There are two kinds of talks: good, and bad. Good presentations are the one you enjoy, the one you learned from, the one you laugh at, the one you’ll remember. Bad talks are the one you wish you never... Read more

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The evolvement of the tech industry – A Make Web Not War presentation at Devcamp Vancouver 2011


Last week, I was talking with someone about my role as a Technical Evangelist: the person was quite surprised that I went from Microsoft to Mozilla. Of course, the company structure, and culture are really different, but I never quit the Open Source world. Part of my role for my previous employer was to help... Read more

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Camp style events non-written rules


I participated to many barcamp/camp/unconference (more information on the Wikipedia article) style events, and I even hosted some of them. I was happy to see at the last I’ve been to, that many attendees were brand new faces, and new to the concept. Too often, organizers think that attendees will know how it’s working ,... Read more

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Personal branding, the recording of my presentation


Remember the presentation I did on personal branding at Kongossa Web Series? I think it was one of the best presentations I did in my public speaking career, and I was a bit upset that I had a problem with the recording of my session. Actually, it wasn’t that bad as the organizers told me... Read more

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