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Une deuxième édition pour FailCamp Montréal


Il y a quelques mois, je mentionnais sur ce blogue que je n’allais pas faire de deuxième édition du FailCamp Montréal. Je ne pouvais demander mieux pour une première édition qu’une salle à pleine capacité et Julien Smith, Michelle Blanc, Martin Lessard avec Fabrice Calando comme présentateurs. Toutefois, j’ai décidé de focaliser (en anglais) un... Read more

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My 3 words for 2014


Since last year, thanks to my friend Fabrice Calando who introduced me to the concept, I’m choosing three words that will guide me through the new year. They are the foundation of what I want to accomplish, and improve during the following 365 days of my life. I really like the idea as it’s not... Read more

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Life is too short, make it worthwhile


Life is too short! We need to experience new stuff, and discover unknown places: in other words, we need to live. It’s been a while that I’m thinking about doing this series of posts, and now is the good time. Yesterday after our team offsite, at the restaurant, the friend Christian Heilmann told us that... Read more

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Failcamp Montréal n’aura pas de deuxième édition


Très (trop) souvent, j’ai des idées de projets, des fois reliés au monde des TI, des fois non. J’ai eu une passe où chaque idée que je considérais valable voyait le jour, peu importe le créneau. Ces projets furent tous très intéressants, m’ont apportés beaucoup et j’espère, ont apportés beaucoup aux gens qu’ils ont rejoints.... Read more

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My 3 words for 2013

Things are going to get a bit crazy in here.

Last year I took some specific resolutions, and 4 days ago, I did a quick review of my last year. The bottom line was that, having resolutions is not a bad idea, but it’s not the perfect scenarios. It’s been 2-3 years now that I’m seeing people like Chris Brogan, Mitch Joel, CC Chapman, Christopher S.... Read more

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Social Media Breakfast Montreal and the personal branding

Social Media Breakfast Montreal — SMBMTL #12 – What a Technical Evangelist can t_2012-08-21_10-58-21

Do you know Social Media Breakfast events? Those are recurring events that, like the name said, are related to social media. It’s a way for social media enthusiasts, and professional to learn, but also to network with each other. We are lucky, has we have a chapter in Montreal, the Social Media Breakfast Montreal. I... Read more

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Hack your life challenge #5: do_

I like to call myself a doer, because when I have an idea, I’m not just talking; I’m making it reality. I started some personal or community projects like Festival Geek de Montréal (French), We are Geek (French), Portrait de blogueurs (French), FailCampMtl… Some are still alive. Some are dead. Some are been taking by... Read more

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Hack your life challenge #1: get rid of excess clothing_

Two days ago, I wrote about the project of Fabrice Calando, Hack your life. Since I think it’s an amazing idea, I wanted to participate, and it’s what I did with the first challenge: get rid of excess clothing. To be honest with you, it wasn’t a hard challenge for me, and it’s OK. I... Read more

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Hack your life_

You know the feeling when someone has an awesome idea, and you say to yourself “damn, it’s such a good idea, why nobody had it before…” ? I had this exact feeling when Fabrice Calando share on Twitter is idea about a project named “Hack your life”. The concept is simple, but so powerful: one... Read more

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Learning from failure at FailCamp Montreal_

You remember the post I did about celebrating failure? In this post, I was sharing with you how I think we can learn from error or failure we had in our life. I was also talking about, maybe, doing an event where people would be able to share about failure they had and the lesson... Read more

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