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Building web mobile app that don’t suck at Web Unleashed


Two weeks ago, I was in Toronto for the last day of Web Unleashed from FITC. I was giving a talk on how to build web mobile app that don’t suck. It turns out that those tricks were good for all web applications, but my primary target was to help mobile developers create better applications.... Read more

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Fixing the mobile web with Firefox OS at FITC Toronto


This morning I was presenting at FITC Toronto about Firefox OS. My goal was to introduce the developers to Firefox OS and to see how we can fix the mobile web with HTML5, and WebAPI. As usual, my slides are available online. I also had another goal with this talk. I wanted people to think... Read more

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See you at FITC Toronto in April


I’m a big fan of the FITC conferences in Toronto: there always a lot of good talks, amazing people, and a creative flow all over the place. As far as I know, it’s also the biggest tech conference we have in Canada. Once a Flash conference (Flash In The Can), it’s now open for everything... Read more

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Responsive Web Design at FITC SCREENS


This week I was at FITC SCREENS with my colleague Paul Laberge to talk about HTML5, Windows 8, and Windows Phone. It was my first time at SCREENS, but not my first FITC event, and I must say that the team is always doing an awesome job to bring the tech community together with their amazing... Read more

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My special relationship with a bear


FITC had a big bear on which we were able to jump to make some nice animations on the wall, but instead of this, I share some love with him! OK, I also jump on it… And here is the kind of animations that you were able to saw after someone jump on the poor bear. Read more

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A sketch of me… with a duckface


We have a lot of cartoonists in the old Montreal, but I never took the time to have one of them make a sketch of me. Samsung has a drawer at FITC, so between sessions he did a sketch of me, that I need to say, is just awesome. I really like it, even if... Read more

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Responsive Web Design, get the best of your design at FITC Toronto_

Yesterday I did a presentation at FITC Toronto on Responsive Web Design. I had a blast with an amazing audience, and as I promised, here is the presentation: All the resources are in the slides, but it will be easier for you to have them here: Ethan Marcotte original article on A list Apart Multi-Device... Read more

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The state of the Web–FITC Spotlight HTML5_

In the beginning of December, I was the keynote speaker for FITC Spotlight HTML5. It was a full day of HTML5 presentations in one track. It was my first experience at FITC and I enjoyed it. Many years have passed since the invention of the Web. More than ever, the Web is present in our... Read more

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