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HTML5 to the next level with Firefox OS at Python Montreal


On the 12nd of May, next Monday, I’ll speak for the first time at Python Montreal. No, it’s not gonna be about Python as I have no skills at all with this programming language. It has been on my todo list for a while, but never had the time to play a bit more with... Read more

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Publish a Firefox OS app, and get a free phone


If you already have a web application or a web game, or if you used PhoneGap (or Cordova) to build mobile application using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, I have an offer for you: I’ll give you a free phone. Qualifying yourself for this offer is simple: You need to publish your application to the Firefox... Read more

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Consuming more valuable content


I love books. Actually, it’s not true: I like good, and valuable content. It happens that quite often, a book contains excellent stuff, but I have no attachment to the physical element. I don’t read science fiction, but I’m a big fan of books about being more efficient, marketing stuff, having a better life… The... Read more

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Thinking about being nomad


I like to travel. False, I like to discover new cultures, visit cities I’ve never been before, eating tasty food, meeting unknown people, and the amazing feeling of walking in a street where everything is brand new. This passion has grown since I’m traveling for work, and even more since I’m going in countries where... Read more

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Tips and tricks for people #51_

Don’t give any details about the differences between the free, and the paid version of your application: I’m pretty sure it won’t help you to sell more software. Read more

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Free your mind


I don’t trust my memory anymore! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not that old, but since I’ve read Getting Things Done, I included some of David Allen principles into my life: one of those is to write everything you have to do on a paper to free up your mind. Everything, even the smallest things... Read more

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Social Media Breakfast – Public Speaking? No, thanks!


On the morning of Wednesday the 23rd of October, I’ll have the pleasure to speak at the Social Media Breakfast Montreal event. I’m really excited about it as it’s the second time they give me the chance to talk about a non-technical topic that is also a pet-peeve of mine: public speaking. As I defined... Read more

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Web & PHP Conference, a free conference in San Jose


Some of you may know the Web & PHP magazine: a monthly online magazine about Web technology with a big focus on PHP. I’m happy to announce that the amazing folks behind this magazine are doing a free conference in San Jose in September. It will be a chance to hear international, and local speakers... Read more

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Take the red pill and enter the Matrix


I just found in my draft folder a post about an online presentation I did one year ago on WebMatrix. Even if the software as evolved in the last year, and that it wasn’t one of my priority anymore, I thought it would be nice to share this video as I think WebMatrix is a... Read more

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Awesome tools you can use to build your next HTML5 website or application_

Even if the actual version of HTML as been discussed for a couple of years now, it is fairly new. We see a lot more enthusiasts around this new version of this Web standard, and trust me; it’s just a beginning. If you have already started to give a closer look to the new features... Read more

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