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The only part of government that actually listens


Thursday, I was out for dinner with some friends, and Mathieu was wearing this appropriate t-shirt for this decade. He told me that the guy who designed the tee had to change the logo for a fake one as he got a lovely letter from them… Read more

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Say hi to my new friend the gnome


I wanted a logo, and I also wanted to try 99designs as I heard a lot about it in the startups space: since this logo was just for fun, and not a real need, I thought I could try it. I’m not a big fan of this kind of website where many designers compete against... Read more

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The Mexican dance


I was in Guadalajara a couple of weeks ago for a Firefox OS workshop. I took two days off to visit the city, and for the first one, my friend, and colleague Robert Nyman was with me, and made this amazing gif of me: they told me it was a Mexican tradition! OK, I’m just... Read more

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A sticker I never thought I would see in a Mozilla office


Of course, I’m not talking about the GitHub or the Persona one… Read more

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I’m a Tea Princess

Creative Commons: http://j.mp/13sRmeP

In today’s world, we can capture everything with our smartphones… even videos like this one! When my doctor told me I should drink less coffee, I had to find a replacement somehow, and I now like to drink tea (without caffeine) once in a while. I’m tired of having the choice between “English Breakfast” or... Read more

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Please leave a tip or…


God will know… Saw this tip “jar” at the Daily Dozen Doughnut Company last time I was in Seattle. It always makes me laugh. By the way, if you go to Seattle, take some time to go to the Pike Place Market, and be sure to order a bag of those yummy mini donuts, and why not accompany this with... Read more

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Do you recognize your local high speed Internet & cable provider?


I don’t know about you, but I found this fake ad so hilarious, and at the same time, so sad as it’s really true for Canadians! It makes me think about the project triangle, choose two of these three elements: quality, cost & time. For our Internet provider, it’s usually the same thing, you have the choice... Read more

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Obvious placard is obvious


I took this picture last time I was in Seattle. I’m a big Starbucks fan, but seriously? Oh, I get it! It’s for people who are walking, and watching their phone at the same time: they won’t miss the coffee shop… Read more

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Fred’s tees #6 – Like a boss


Thursday I was presenting at Mobiz on HTML5, and I was wearing my Like a boss tee. As some people asked me where I brought it, I decided that it will be my next post for the Fred’s tees series one.  I really like that t-shirt, even if Facebook is not one of my preferred social... Read more

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Living with a Girly girl


I just saw this at the Centre Eaton Montréal, and it frightens me. That can totally be our bath at home, and let’s be clear, I’m not talking about the kind of bath! I love Émilie, but… too.. many… shoes… at… home… Read more

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