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HTML, not just for desktops at Congreso Universitario Móvil


At the beginning of the month, I was in Mexico to represent Mozilla at Congreso Universitario Móvil, an annual conference at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. Unfortunately, I did not have the time to visit a lot Mexico City, but I had an amazing full day at the event. I started the fourth day... Read more

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Coder pour l’amour de Montréal


Le 28 et 29 mai prochain, donc cette semaine, aura le lieu le hackathon Code(Love) à Montréal à la Maison Notman. Avec l’idée de créer des réponses concrètes aux défis sociaux, les participants de tout acabit seront appelés à aider notre ville en choisissant l’un des trois thèmes: femmes, jeunesse et défi ONE DROP. Je... Read more

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Firefox OS loves at the Athens App Days


Yesterday I was invited to help support the Athens App Days. I did the first technical talk of the day, and my goal was to excited developers about the platform, and to show them all the possibilities they have for building their application. I was quite impressed by the dedication of developers during all the... Read more

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How to be a good attendee


There are numerous posts out there about being a good speaker, but what about being a good attendee? I’ve been, and spoke to enough conferences to see what annoy the person on the stage. Since the individual with the mic is giving his time, and his expertise to the attendees, I think it deserves some... Read more

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FOXHACK, un hackathon Firefox OS à Montréal


Le samedi 28 septembre prochain aura lieu un hackathon Firefox OS à Montréal. Organisé par la Commune, Mozilla Québec, Startup Weekend Montréal, FACIL et en collaboration avec Mozilla, le premier événement Firefox OS à Montréal depuis que j’ai joint les rangs de Mozilla (en anglais), vous donnera la chance d’exploré ce nouvel OS: que ce... Read more

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Building Windows 8 apps, more exciting than a unicorn in wonderland

Creative Commons: http://j.mp/ZGdOvE

Today I was in Toronto for the second Toronto user group workshop on Windows 8 with HTML5 Toronto, JavaScript Toronto, and DevTO in collaboration with us, Make Web Not War. Since I did all the presentations on the first event they did 3-4 weeks ago, I was only doing the keynote to wake up the... Read more

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I won’t give you the answer

Creative Commons: http://j.mp/YctpaC

From the time I had to help other developers, had interns, lead development team, became the subject matter experts, did proctoring in workshops… I have always been that kind of guy: the kind of guy who don’t give the answer. If you have a little quick question, and I know you did your homeworks, I’ll... Read more

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Confoo 2013, and an amazing hackathon


This year again, the Confoo conference will happen in Montreal at the end of February. I will be there, again, with the Make Web Not War team as we found that Confoo is a great place to learn, share, meet, and have fun! For the 2013 edition, we will have something special for the attendees, but... Read more

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