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I don’t care about my health, or do I?


I’ve never been a very active person, but it wasn’t a problem, until a couple of years ago. Getting older, not being active with bad eating habits, and working at home started to hit me a bit harder: I have begun to get fatter, and got some health problems. I never really care about my... Read more

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Living with sleep apnea


A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine asked me about my own experience about sleep apnea as he got diagnosed. I hope this post will help people to understand what is it, and how to live with it. A little less than two years ago, I decided to take an appointment with a... Read more

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Be strong for the ones you love


As I’m writing these lines, I’m sitting in the post-operations’ waiting room. My mother just got cardiac surgery, and we are waiting after her to wake up. Fortunately, everything went well; the operation was a success! There is no word to say how I feel relief, and happy now. Yesterday, she finally got the call... Read more

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Tips and tricks for people #33_

If you are not a nutritionist, a trainer, a kinesiologist or someone who had to lose weight, please keep your fabulous tips for yourself, it’s insulting. Read more

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2012, a good year for me

Creative Commons: http://j.mp/136wskY

Last year, I did a list of things I wanted to achieve in 2012. It was like a big list of resolutions, that I had more, and less in my head all year long. Let’s do a quick recap. 2012 achievements I wanted to blog more I definitely blog more in 2012, than in 2011.... Read more

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I’m a mo-bro this year – Support the fight against prostate cancer_

I’m always thinking about how I can help other in different ways. Until now, the last teen years were about volunteer with children. Since my lifestyle as I changed, I cannot commit anymore regularly, but I think Movember is a good way for myself to help an awesome cause. What is Movember? Movember is an... Read more

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