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Trace a line between the web, and your private life


People often tell me that I share a lot of things on the Web: it’s true. As weird as it seems to some people, I traced a line between my private life, and what I’m sharing online. It’s important in today’s world to trace a line between your personal life, and the web itself. With... Read more

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Make Web Not War TV – Cross platform technologies with Raymond Tsang


This is the 9th video of a series of twelve interviews I did for my old project, Make Web Not War TV. Again during Confoo last year, I had a great discussion with Raymond Tsang from IdeaNotion. In this interview, we talked about his first experience at Confoo, one of the biggest technical conferences we... Read more

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Manifeste des médias sociaux_

Ce billet a été initialement rédigé sur le défunt blogue À la base 2 Ici, je ne vous demande pas d’être d’accord. Je sais d’avance que cela va déplaire à plusieurs, mais j’ai cette idée de billet qui me trotte dans la tête depuis un bon bout. Un peu tanné de voir le monde crier... Read more

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