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Thanks Microsoft

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I’m a big believer in the fact that you learn something in mostly everything you do. I learn a lot in past jobs, and it was the same at Microsoft. Today was my last day as a Microsoft employee, and I wanted to thank the company, and more importantly, the people as the past two... Read more

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Do you recognize your local high speed Internet & cable provider?


I don’t know about you, but I found this fake ad so hilarious, and at the same time, so sad as it’s really true for Canadians! It makes me think about the project triangle, choose two of these three elements: quality, cost & time. For our Internet provider, it’s usually the same thing, you have the choice... Read more

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So you want to be an Evangelist?

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It’s been a couple of times that people ask me what it take to be an Evangelist. Always in the mindset of saving some keystrokes, I decided to do a blog post about my vision of it. First let’s clarify something: there are many types of Evangelist roles around the world, and the job I... Read more

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An accordion guy in Montreal


Two weeks ago, my friend Joey DeVilla was in town. We planned some time to catch up, and went to a local bistro. As usual Joey had his accordion, but this time it was to give Émilie the opportunity to try it (as you can see on the picture). Right after her attempt of getting some... Read more

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Celebrate failure_

I am the kind of guy who thinks that we need to celebrate failure. Not really celebrating it as in a party, but in the way that failure is not that bad. Failure is for me a chance to learn. Failure is also a way for me to get better at something. For sure, it’s... Read more

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Soyez vous-même en toute circonstance_

Ce billet a été initialement rédigé sur le défunt blogue À la base 2 I’d rather lose my job than be someone else – Joey DeVilla Un jour, dans une discussion à propos de ma personnalité versus celle de Joey (on se qualifiait de “English/French version”, car on est et pense pareil à plusieurs niveaux),... Read more

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Modifier la vocation de ce blogue ou…_

Ce billet a été initialement rédigé sur le défunt blogue À la base 2 Je parle beaucoup de divers changement ces jours-ci et ce blogue n’y échappe pas. Au tout début lorsque j’ai parti ce blogue, je le voyais vraiment comme un blogue plus technique, d’où le nom À la base 2, qui fait référence... Read more

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