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HTML, not just for desktops at Congreso Universitario Móvil


At the beginning of the month, I was in Mexico to represent Mozilla at Congreso Universitario Móvil, an annual conference at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. Unfortunately, I did not have the time to visit a lot Mexico City, but I had an amazing full day at the event. I started the fourth day... Read more

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Firefox OS at the Congreso Universitario Movil in Mexico City


Tomorrow, I’ll join the students as the developers from Mexico at the Congreso Universitario Movil to share about Firefox OS. Firstly, I’ll do a keynote about the fact that HTML is not just for desktops introducing Firefox OS to the attendees: The mobile web got a bad reputation. In reality, it’s the platform to bet... Read more

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A better way to showcase my speaking experience


One thing I like to do when someone ask me to speak at their event, is to let them know that they can count on an experienced, professional, and authentic speaker. I always had a speaking page on this blog, but the information wasn’t well presented. I decided to do a good cleanup, and finalize... Read more

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Building Windows Store Apps, More Exciting Than A Unicorn in Wonderland

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You are so passionate! It’s Saturday morning, a bit of drool near your mouth, your pillow printed on your face, and you are still sleeping? Never mind, Fred will start the day by giving you the same effect as if you were dancing with leprechaun in a pool filled with coffee! HTML5? CSS3? JavaScript? All... Read more

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Mobile First au Web-In


Ce matin je démarrais la conférence Web-In à Montréal avec un keynote sur le principe de Mobile First. Le principe ayant été lancé il y a plus de 3 ans maintenant, ce n’est que depuis peu qu’on sent que l’industrie est prête à en tenir compte et même à l’accepter. Ce fut donc avec plaisir... Read more

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The state of the Web–FITC Spotlight HTML5_

In the beginning of December, I was the keynote speaker for FITC Spotlight HTML5. It was a full day of HTML5 presentations in one track. It was my first experience at FITC and I enjoyed it. Many years have passed since the invention of the Web. More than ever, the Web is present in our... Read more

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