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I’m working on a personal branding book for developers


This year I got two book writing offers, but the technology/topic didn’t interest me enough to make the deal with the editor: those opportunities make me think that I would like to write a book. Why not? I like to write. I like to share. I would like to develop more about a topic that... Read more

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Personal Branding, more important than ever


Yesterday, I did a talk at Kongossa Web Series about personal branding. It’s a passion I have, and I really think it’s more important than ever, so I want to spread the words to as many people as possible. It’s why I was happy when the organizers asked me to talk about it in their... Read more

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Show me your book: Linchpin by Seth Godin_

Recently, I finished the book Linchpin from Seth Godin.  It’s a book about you, me, us, who need to be indispensable in a world where there are many jobs, employees who can be replaced by computers. We need to be a linchpin, give our gift and get the job we deserve. It was a good... Read more

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How to Be a Rock Star Developer: a book on Personal BrandingLearn more