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No job is secure


Yesterday, someone told me that I should start looking for a new job as Mozilla is working to diversify is source of revenue by showing ads on new tab tiles. His point? If Mozilla is looking for new revenue, it’s maybe because they are expecting something to go wrong with the biggest contributor to our... Read more

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You are an influencer


Yesterday, I was part of a panel on communication, and connection. At one point, we discussed about connecting with the right person, and we talk about influential people. The first thought of mostly everybody in the room was about those people who are well connected, who are kind-of famous, and get a lot of traction... Read more

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Better comment at the source


It’s been a while that I want to write this blog post, but the friend Nicolas Roberge, beats me four years ago (in French). I think it’s still an important topic, so I’ll write my own version of it. Since a couple of years, we have many communications channels on the web, and some of... Read more

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How I’m managing my social media connections


I got a question from someone about how to manage our social media connections, mostly on professional networks. I would say that there is no unique way of doing it, even if a social media expert suggests you to do it one way, you need to find what make sense for you. Since there is... Read more

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Once in a while, you should check your social media access permissions


One thing I do to help me being productive is to get out of my head everything that is not related to the actual task I’m doing. To do so, I’m using tools like Remember the Milk or my Google Calendar. In the latest, I also add tasks I need to do at a specific... Read more

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What can you expect from me as an Evangelist?

Creative Commons: http://j.mp/12drhU8

You probably know it by now, I’m looking for a new opportunity as I’m leaving Microsoft. The next challenge that I’m looking for will certainly be in the Evangelism space (or something related) as it’s a role I like so much, and that is what I want to continue to do for a living. Since... Read more

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Tips and tricks for people #27_

If you send me an email, except if it’s critical, there is no need to ping me also on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn for the same topic. Read more

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How to get up to speed with a new technology_

You are in front of your computer, wanting to learn a new technology for your job, or because you have this awesome idea on what will be the next Angry Birds. Whether you are a professional, a student or a hobbyist, learning a technology is sometimes a challenge. Where to start? In this blog post,... Read more

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Manifeste des médias sociaux_

Ce billet a été initialement rédigé sur le défunt blogue À la base 2 Ici, je ne vous demande pas d’être d’accord. Je sais d’avance que cela va déplaire à plusieurs, mais j’ai cette idée de billet qui me trotte dans la tête depuis un bon bout. Un peu tanné de voir le monde crier... Read more

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Le réseau des femmes d’affaires du Québec s’intéresse aux médias sociaux_

Ce billet a été initialement rédigé sur le défunt blogue À la base 2 Au début janvier, j’ai donné ma dernière présentation sur les médias sociaux. Pas que mon nouvel emploi, m’en empêche, mais bien parce que je désire me concentrer sur mes projets actuels, ainsi que mon emploi et laisser le plaisir de parler... Read more

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