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Looking for a Windows 8 or Windows Phone freelancer? I know one of the best out there!


While I was at Microsoft, I had the pleasure to work with talented Windows 8, and Windows Phone developers. Some of them became friends, like Sebastien Lachance. When Sebastien told me he was taking on over his dream, and started as a freelancer, I was so excited, and I wanted to help. I know Sebastien... Read more

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I’m leaving Microsoft, looking for a new opportunity


For two years, and a half, I was a proud member of the Developer Platform Evangelist group (DPE) as a Technical Evangelist. During all that time, I shared with you the Open side of Microsoft. From the beginning till the end, I helped developers being successful on the Microsoft stack, changed their perception of the... Read more

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2 years as a Microsoftie


On the last day of 2012, it has been 2 years that I’m a Microsoftie (internal name for a Microsoft employee). As things are related for now, it has also been two years that I’m being paid to do what I like to do for a living, Evangelism! Time goes quickly as I feel like it was... Read more

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