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Microsoft nominated me as a Most Valuable Professional


You read well; Microsoft nominated me, and I’m now a MVP, a Most Valuable Professional about Internet Explorer. For those of you that don’t know, it’s an important recognition in the Microsoft ecosystem: it’s given to professionals with a certain area of expertise, around Microsoft technology or technology Microsoft use, for their work in the... Read more

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I have no software religion; I’m pragmatic


Don’t get me wrong, I have a really, really, really high preference on everything that is Open, but when it gets to get the work done, I’ll use the software that fills my needs. I’m pragmatic; no matter if it’s free or not, Open source or not, if it solves my problem, and do it... Read more

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My blogging review of 2013


I read this kind of posts on many blogs: a recapitulation of the last year of blogging. It’s not something I was doing, but as I was looking at the posts I did during the last year, and I thought it could be a good idea to create a small review of 2013. Last year,... Read more

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The evolvement of the tech industry – A Make Web Not War presentation at Devcamp Vancouver 2011


Last week, I was talking with someone about my role as a Technical Evangelist: the person was quite surprised that I went from Microsoft to Mozilla. Of course, the company structure, and culture are really different, but I never quit the Open Source world. Part of my role for my previous employer was to help... Read more

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Looking for a Windows 8 or Windows Phone freelancer? I know one of the best out there!


While I was at Microsoft, I had the pleasure to work with talented Windows 8, and Windows Phone developers. Some of them became friends, like Sebastien Lachance. When Sebastien told me he was taking on over his dream, and started as a freelancer, I was so excited, and I wanted to help. I know Sebastien... Read more

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Who is the new Microsoft guy in Montreal?


I’ve been the Microsoft guy in Montreal (Quebec) for almost three years, so I still get requests about Microsoft technology or events. Since I’ve moved to a new gig, I thought it would be great to give some visibility to my replacement, Rami Sayar! It’s not that I don’t want to help people, but I... Read more

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How I became a Technical Evangelist


I often get questions about how to become an Evangelist. I can’t give you a magic recipe, but I can tell you how I managed to land my dream job. Before I start, be sure to understand what the job is all about: it’s not just about doing conferences, and traveling. So, four years ago,... Read more

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Web & PHP magazine: articles on HTML5, and the cloud


During the summer, I contribute to Web & PHP magazine, a free, and online magazine around PHP, but also anything web related. I stopped my contribution to concentrate on other projects, but I wrote three articles on HTML5, and also one on Windows Azure when I was a Microsoftie. PHP in the cloud This is... Read more

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Make Web Not War TV – The importance of security with Philippe Gamache


The last interview I did at the Confoo conference in 2012, but also the last video I did for this unfinished Make Web Not War TV project was with Philippe Gamache, a security expert in Montreal. I’ll miss posting those, but I’m missing a lot more meeting awesome people, and interviewing them, so stay tuned;... Read more

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Make Web Not War TV – Make Web Not War at Microsoft with Keith Loo


For this eleventh (on twelve) interviews I did for the Make Web Not War TV, I had the pleasure to discuss with my friend, and former partner in crime, Keith Loo from Microsoft. Keith is now the Open Platform lead at Microsoft, also leading the Make Web Not War effort. In this video, we talked... Read more

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