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Community Evangelist: Firefox OS developer outreach at MozCamp India


At the end of June, I was in India to do a train the trainer session at MozCamp India. The purpose of the session Janet Swisher (first time we worked together, and I think we got a winning combo), and I delivered was to help Mozillians to become Community Evangelists. Our goal was to help... Read more

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My presentations are Creative Commons: share them, use them, improve them…


I want more people to do public speaking. I want more people to share their passion about technology. I want more people to show the awesomeness of the Open Web, and help others be more open. So when someone asks me if he can take one of my presentations, my reaction is: of course!  Of... Read more

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How I became a Technical Evangelist


I often get questions about how to become an Evangelist. I can’t give you a magic recipe, but I can tell you how I managed to land my dream job. Before I start, be sure to understand what the job is all about: it’s not just about doing conferences, and traveling. So, four years ago,... Read more

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Public speaking at Social Media Breakfast Montréal


This morning, I had the pleasure to speak at Social Media Breakfast Montréal about… public speaking. I did a thirty minutes talk about my own story, why people should start to do public speaking, how they can start, and obviously, where they can do their first public appearance. As you can see in this short... Read more

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Social Media Breakfast – Public Speaking? No, thanks!


On the morning of Wednesday the 23rd of October, I’ll have the pleasure to speak at the Social Media Breakfast Montreal event. I’m really excited about it as it’s the second time they give me the chance to talk about a non-technical topic that is also a pet-peeve of mine: public speaking. As I defined... Read more

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So you want to be an Evangelist?

Copyright David Champagne http://davidchampagne.ca

It’s been a couple of times that people ask me what it take to be an Evangelist. Always in the mindset of saving some keystrokes, I decided to do a blog post about my vision of it. First let’s clarify something: there are many types of Evangelist roles around the world, and the job I... Read more

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