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My blog posts frequency


I’ve been blogging daily since a couple of months now, but eleven days ago, I stopped. It wasn’t intentional as I had no shortage of post ideas: I still have more than one hundred fifty drafts waiting for me. It was a time constraint: I didn’t prioritize blogging while I was at my team Paris... Read more

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My 3 words for 2014


Since last year, thanks to my friend Fabrice Calando who introduced me to the concept, I’m choosing three words that will guide me through the new year. They are the foundation of what I want to accomplish, and improve during the following 365 days of my life. I really like the idea as it’s not... Read more

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Take the time to live

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I am busy. You are busy. We are busy. Everybody is busy.┬áMaybe too much? It’s Mathieu Chartier, at the last HTML5mtl meetup, who made me aware of this: everybody is always busy, and it’s like a contest of who has been the busiest! We can say that this is the world we are living in... Read more

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