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Getting the best out of your design with Responsive Web Design at Devoxx UK


First time in London and first time at Devoxx UK, I had the pleasure to present about Responsive Web Design. I was quite happy with the turn out; attendees were sitting on the floor, as Devoxx is a Java centric conference, and my talk was… not about Java. In forty-five minutes, I introduced to the... Read more

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Thinking about different devices viewport with Responsive Web Design at Devoxx UK


On the 12th, and 13th of June, I’ll be in London, United Kingdom to speak at Devoxx UK. I’m happy to present at this event as I know it will be amazing, and it will be my first time in this country. My talk will be about Responsive Web Design, and how to get the... Read more

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Fred’s tees #37 – Responsive Web Design


I’m a huge fan of the responsive web design technique. I did many talks on the subject, and helped countless people to understand, and make their applications as their sites using that technique. As with many of my t-shirts, it was a no brainer to me when I saw this tee on Cotton Bureau. Read more

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Web first


I evangelised mobile first, and responsive web design for years now. Not that I’ll stop, but I’ll switch my primary focus on something even more important, something I’m calling web first! I’m a big fan of giving a great experience to the users, and I know you are too. Unfortunately, that means native applications for... Read more

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Web & PHP magazine: articles on HTML5, and the cloud


During the summer, I contribute to Web & PHP magazine, a free, and online magazine around PHP, but also anything web related. I stopped my contribution to concentrate on other projects, but I wrote three articles on HTML5, and also one on Windows Azure when I was a Microsoftie. PHP in the cloud This is... Read more

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Responsive Web Design in the sunny San Jose


Two days ago, I did a keynote on Mobile First, and yesterday I did a presentation on Responsive Web Design at the Web and PHP Conference in San Jose, California. Those are two topics that really passionate me. I did a couple of presentations on this topic when I was at Microsoft, and there is... Read more

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Web & PHP Conference, a free conference in San Jose


Some of you may know the Web & PHP magazine: a monthly online magazine about Web technology with a big focus on PHP. I’m happy to announce that the amazing folks behind this magazine are doing a free conference in San Jose in September. It will be a chance to hear international, and local speakers... Read more

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HTML5, une révolution à plusieurs niveaux


Cet après-midi j’ai fait un survol rapide de 45 minutes sur HTML5 au Mobiz. J’en ai profité pour introduire quelques éléments que je considère révolutionnaire pour HTML5, des éléments que l’on peut utiliser sans crainte dès aujourd’hui. Pour ceux qui étaient présent, tel que promis, voici ma présentation: Voici quelques ressources et liens vers des... Read more

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Responsive Web Design at FITC SCREENS


This week I was at FITC SCREENS with my colleague Paul Laberge to talk about HTML5, Windows 8, and Windows Phone. It was my first time at SCREENS, but not my first FITC event, and I must say that the team is always doing an awesome job to bring the tech community together with their amazing... Read more

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Out of Comfort Zone gets a makeover


It’s been a while that I’m talking about the design of this blog. Five months ago, I was looking for a designer to create a personal design for this blog. As I’m back to the blog as my primary home on the Web, and that I closed all other blogs to focus on this one,... Read more

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My Personal Branding for developers book is outGet your copy