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No job is secure


Yesterday, someone told me that I should start looking for a new job as Mozilla is working to diversify is source of revenue by showing ads on new tab tiles. His point? If Mozilla is looking for new revenue, it’s maybe because they are expecting something to go wrong with the biggest contributor to our... Read more

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Trace a line between the web, and your private life


People often tell me that I share a lot of things on the Web: it’s true. As weird as it seems to some people, I traced a line between my private life, and what I’m sharing online. It’s important in today’s world to trace a line between your personal life, and the web itself. With... Read more

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Make Web Not War TV – The importance of security with Philippe Gamache


The last interview I did at the Confoo conference in 2012, but also the last video I did for this unfinished Make Web Not War TV project was with Philippe Gamache, a security expert in Montreal. I’ll miss posting those, but I’m missing a lot more meeting awesome people, and interviewing them, so stay tuned;... Read more

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Once in a while, you should check your social media access permissions


One thing I do to help me being productive is to get out of my head everything that is not related to the actual task I’m doing. To do so, I’m using tools like Remember the Milk or my Google Calendar. In the latest, I also add tasks I need to do at a specific... Read more

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