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Trace a line between the web, and your private life


People often tell me that I share a lot of things on the Web: it’s true. As weird as it seems to some people, I traced a line between my private life, and what I’m sharing online. It’s important in today’s world to trace a line between your personal life, and the web itself. With... Read more

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Do you have a positive impact on other’s life?


I like to share: it’s why I’m doing public speaking, and blogging. I want to share my opinion, but more important, I want to share my way of thinking, and help other to understand what I understood. It may be good for you, or not, but at least I’m trying. Yesterday evening I was at... Read more

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I’m a shareaholic, so I’m enjoying Yelp


I like to share with others. It’s why I’m blogging, and why I like social media so much. It’s also why I’m doing my job: I’m sharing my passion about technology. One of my preferred website in the past, Praized, is now a dead project.  This website gave me the opportunity to review local venues... Read more

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Music is my life_

I must say that I’m a music lover. I like music of all sorts, almost. I don’t play any instruments, but for a long-time  music was a big part of my life. For an unknown reason, last year, it wasn’t the case. I missed it. I missed listening to it. I missed discovering it. I... Read more

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