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No speakers, no conferences.


No speakers, no conferences. No one can argue against this, so it’s why I think speakers deserve more respect for their work. Don’t get me wrong, I had a lot of great experiences as a speaker, but I saw many situations that could have been avoided. In the end, it should lead to a better... Read more

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Make your slides worth of showing them


Since two weeks, I’m back on the school bench: I’m taking a wine course from the SAQ, and a photography one from Collège Marsan (in French). One is helping me properly use my DSLR to make better picture, and the other one to take my wine love to the next level. Since I’m on the... Read more

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Every talk is a product pitch


Most of the conferences have one rule for their speakers: no product pitch. I think they are wrong. There are two kinds of talks: good, and bad. Good presentations are the one you enjoy, the one you learned from, the one you laugh at, the one you’ll remember. Bad talks are the one you wish you never... Read more

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How to be a good attendee


There are numerous posts out there about being a good speaker, but what about being a good attendee? I’ve been, and spoke to enough conferences to see what annoy the person on the stage. Since the individual with the mic is giving his time, and his expertise to the attendees, I think it deserves some... Read more

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Tips and tricks for people #39_

Perhaps talking about yourself for one-third of your presentation is a little too much. Read more

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A few other tricks about public speaking and stage technology

Creative Commons: http://j.mp/11Or42G

The friend, and future co-worker Christian Heilmann did a good blog post by giving some tricks for people who want to do some public speaking. It’s no secret, I want to start a speaker camp (workshop) in Montreal to help people about public speaking as I want more people to be able to share their... Read more

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Tips and tricks for people #34_

If you are showing or doing code examples in your presentation, change the font to a really big one or zoom on important parts of the code so your audience in the back will be able to follow-up with what you are doing on stage. Read more

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Tips and tricks for people #31_

As a speaker, don’t read your slides, they are a visual support for your presentation. Read more

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Tips and tricks for people #7_

If you are presenting in front of a crowd, and you have a microphone, please repeat the question before starting to answering it. Read more

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Tips and tricks for people #2_

If you are a speaker, and your presentation is being recorded, then someone asks a question without any mic, please repeat the questions in yours before answering him. Read more

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