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No speakers, no conferences.


No speakers, no conferences. No one can argue against this, so it’s why I think speakers deserve more respect for their work. Don’t get me wrong, I had a lot of great experiences as a speaker, but I saw many situations that could have been avoided. In the end, it should lead to a better... Read more

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A better way to showcase my speaking experience


One thing I like to do when someone ask me to speak at their event, is to let them know that they can count on an experienced, professional, and authentic speaker. I always had a speaking page on this blog, but the information wasn’t well presented. I decided to do a good cleanup, and finalize... Read more

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Every talk is a product pitch


Most of the conferences have one rule for their speakers: no product pitch. I think they are wrong. There are two kinds of talks: good, and bad. Good presentations are the one you enjoy, the one you learned from, the one you laugh at, the one you’ll remember. Bad talks are the one you wish you never... Read more

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So you want me to speak at your event?


I got requests for speaking at user groups, conferences, workshops and hackathons or to participate in panels, so it’s been a while that I’m thinking about doing a blog post on speaking requests: I think it makes more sense now since there is a specific process at Mozilla. First let’s split the requests by two... Read more

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A few other tricks about public speaking and stage technology

Creative Commons: http://j.mp/11Or42G

The friend, and future co-worker Christian Heilmann did a good blog post by giving some tricks for people who want to do some public speaking. It’s no secret, I want to start a speaker camp (workshop) in Montreal to help people about public speaking as I want more people to be able to share their... Read more

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Tips and tricks for people #31_

As a speaker, don’t read your slides, they are a visual support for your presentation. Read more

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Be careful, you are the expert_

We are all the expert of somebody. It mean that we know more on a subject than someone else, or we are perceived as someone who knows more, even if it’s not always the case. As a blogger, a teacher, a speaker, a put-your-own-title-here, we share our knowledge, but we also share our thoughts. We... Read more

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