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No job is secure


Yesterday, someone told me that I should start looking for a new job as Mozilla is working to diversify is source of revenue by showing ads on new tab tiles. His point? If Mozilla is looking for new revenue, it’s maybe because they are expecting something to go wrong with the biggest contributor to our... Read more

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Firefox OS love in Toronto


Yesterday, I was in Toronto to share some Firefox OS love with my Canadian friends. I was invited to speak at a joint meetup with Mobile Startups Toronto, and HTML Toronto. The demo god wasn’t with me as mostly everything went wrong at the beginning, but fortunately, the rest of the presentation has been great,... Read more

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Mobile Startups Toronto, and Firefox OS as an opportunity


The year is not yet done that I’m starting to pack my speaking agenda for the next one. In January, I’ll be in Toronto to talk about Firefox OS at the Mobile Startups TO user group. On January 8, join me, and the most dynamic folks in the startups’ ecosystem of Toronto to learn more... Read more

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Make Web Not War TV – An unfinished project


When I was a Technical Evangelist at Microsoft, part of my role was to lead our effort around non-Microsoft technology. To achieve this, I join the amazing team of Make Web Not War, and lead this initiative from a DPE (Developer Platform Evangelist – my department) perspective. One of the projects I had was to... Read more

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