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The 50 questions you want to ask when applying for a Technical Evangelist role


Since I’m looking for my next challenge, I’m discussing with many people about possible roles in their company. Most of those jobs are Technical Evangelist one, which make sense from my background, and from what I like to do for a living. I created a list of 50 important questions or information I would like... Read more

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One year at Mozilla


On July 15th last year, I was starting a new job at Mozilla: it was the beginning of a new journey. Today, it’s been one year that I’m a Mozillian, and I’m proud. One year later One year later, I’m still there. It means I like what I’m doing, my team, my manager, and the... Read more

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You don’t know everything, and it’s OK


I remember when I started as a Technical Evangelist: I wanted to know everything, and I was feeling bad when I didn’t know something. I had this imposter syndrome as I thought that, as a mentor for many developers, my role was to be that go to person for all in all. Over time, I... Read more

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My retrospective of my 2013’s words


On the 7th days of 2013, I did a blog post to share with you what would be my three words for 2013. The principle was simple: I choose three words that will help me drive my years in the direction that I want. I see those like a moving part of my life manifesto.... Read more

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The evolvement of the tech industry – A Make Web Not War presentation at Devcamp Vancouver 2011


Last week, I was talking with someone about my role as a Technical Evangelist: the person was quite surprised that I went from Microsoft to Mozilla. Of course, the company structure, and culture are really different, but I never quit the Open Source world. Part of my role for my previous employer was to help... Read more

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Who is the new Microsoft guy in Montreal?


I’ve been the Microsoft guy in Montreal (Quebec) for almost three years, so I still get requests about Microsoft technology or events. Since I’ve moved to a new gig, I thought it would be great to give some visibility to my replacement, Rami Sayar! It’s not that I don’t want to help people, but I... Read more

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How I became a Technical Evangelist


I often get questions about how to become an Evangelist. I can’t give you a magic recipe, but I can tell you how I managed to land my dream job. Before I start, be sure to understand what the job is all about: it’s not just about doing conferences, and traveling. So, four years ago,... Read more

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Three months as a Mozillian


I wrote a post after my initial week, and after the first month, and now for me, it’s a new milestone: three months. Yesterday was the last day of my probation at Mozilla, and I still have a job! More seriously, I was not expecting to lose my job after this period the human resources... Read more

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One month as a Firefox OS Technical Evangelist

Creative Commons: http://j.mp/1bhHNmc

Time flies; I thought I started at Mozilla last week, but it’s already been one month that I join the amazing evangelists team. I really enjoy what I’m doing as I can’t remember one day that I wasn’t surprised when it was time for lunch or dinner. After four weeks, I have a better idea... Read more

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Thanks Microsoft

Copyright PhotoJunkie: http://www.flickr.com/photos/photojunkie/6461751385/in/pool-webnotwar/

I’m a big believer in the fact that you learn something in mostly everything you do. I learn a lot in past jobs, and it was the same at Microsoft. Today was my last day as a Microsoft employee, and I wanted to thank the company, and more importantly, the people as the past two... Read more

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