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Time is money


I’m not a businessman who lives by the saying that time is money, but whether we like or not, it’s true. Every other week, a cleaner is doing my housecleaning. It’s not a question of being able to afford this or not; it’s cheaper than you think. It’s about freeing this time so I can... Read more

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My retrospective of my 2013’s words


On the 7th days of 2013, I did a blog post to share with you what would be my three words for 2013. The principle was simple: I choose three words that will help me drive my years in the direction that I want. I see those like a moving part of my life manifesto.... Read more

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So you don’t have time? Bullshit!


Since I’m seventeen years old, I’m involved in many projects. I used to be that guy who always has his agenda fulfilled with meetings, appointments, events, volunteering… I was also this guy who was constantly complaining about not having enough time or always replying to people when they asked me about something, “I don’t have... Read more

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So you want to work at home?

A 2010 picture of me on a Friday when I was a freelancer. Thanks Mathieu Chartier.

I don’t know why, but I have something with blog post series. I have tips and tricks for people, show me your book, Fred’s tees, HTML5 challenges, and now, so you want to series… This one is all about giving some food for thought on some of the questions or comments I usually have. I started this... Read more

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Take the time to live

Creative Commons: http://j.mp/YQiHHk

I am busy. You are busy. We are busy. Everybody is busy. Maybe too much? It’s Mathieu Chartier, at the last HTML5mtl meetup, who made me aware of this: everybody is always busy, and it’s like a contest of who has been the busiest! We can say that this is the world we are living in... Read more

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Don’t feed the trolls


I took a decision concerning trolls: I won’t feed them anymore. I’m the kind of person who like to have a good discussion on different topics. I like to give my point, listen to others points, and discuss about the pros, and cons of both opinions. It’s healthy to do so, but with trolls, it is... Read more

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