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I’m going to Prague in Czech Republic, anything else a tourist should do?


Travelling for work give me great opportunities: I can discover new cities, and the next one, as you may know, is Prague. Funny enough, even if Prague is a popular destination, it’s the one I have fewer insight on what to do as a tourist. There is a lot of suggestions on the web, but... Read more

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My retrospective of my 2013’s words


On the 7th days of 2013, I did a blog post to share with you what would be my three words for 2013. The principle was simple: I choose three words that will help me drive my years in the direction that I want. I see those like a moving part of my life manifesto.... Read more

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Going to Budapest in Hungary, anything a tourist should do?


I had an incredible time as a tourist in my last trips, and it’s because of you: people who live or traveled to the places I’ve been. You, that gave me amazing touristic places, great venues, astonishing restaurants… So you’ll be stuck with me for every new trip I’ll do as I think crowd sourcing... Read more

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Going to Krakow in Poland, anything a tourist should do?


I’m very fortunate to have a job which gives me the opportunity to travel. When I was at Microsoft, I used to travel a lot in Canada, and every time I had the chance to go somewhere brand new, I was taking two days off to do the tourist. I like to discover unknown places,... Read more

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TripIt, let’s connect together


I opened a TripIt account when I started at Microsoft (French post) as I was going to travel a lot. At that time, it wasn’t something I used much, and my account became a ghost account as we see many of them on the web. Once in a while I try to clear my dead... Read more

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So you want to be an Evangelist?

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It’s been a couple of times that people ask me what it take to be an Evangelist. Always in the mindset of saving some keystrokes, I decided to do a blog post about my vision of it. First let’s clarify something: there are many types of Evangelist roles around the world, and the job I... Read more

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