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I want a logo, any designer out there?


I don’t know why, but I want a logo: maybe it’s the next step to my personal brand. For sure, it will be nice to have one. I saw a couple of people I respect with one, and I thought it could be a good idea to identify my work out there: slides, videos, photos…... Read more

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Building Windows Store Apps, More Exciting Than A Unicorn in Wonderland

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You are so passionate! It’s Saturday morning, a bit of drool near your mouth, your pillow printed on your face, and you are still sleeping? Never mind, Fred will start the day by giving you the same effect as if you were dancing with leprechaun in a pool filled with coffee! HTML5? CSS3? JavaScript? All... Read more

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Building Windows 8 apps, more exciting than a unicorn in wonderland

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Today I was in Toronto for the second Toronto user group workshop on Windows 8 with HTML5 Toronto, JavaScript Toronto, and DevTO in collaboration with us, Make Web Not War. Since I did all the presentations on the first event they did 3-4 weeks ago, I was only doing the keynote to wake up the... Read more

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Fred’s tees #9 – Unicorn


Fairy tail, and unicorns, isn’t it magical? I was really inspired when I bought this t-shirt as for me, it was all about keeping this child’s heart when you grow up. Being that crazy person who is not always living with the status quo. For me, this tee was a commitment about living a colorful... Read more

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