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MovingI’m blogging since 2005, mostly on & off: I don’t blog for a while and after I can’t stop for a year or two. Now I’m in the phase where I miss it a lot, but I’m not excited with Out of Comfort Zone as I used to be: I’m bored about the domain name and my personal theme (I paid for the unique design – which I modified a bit in the last couple of years). In other words, I needed some changes like with the rest of my life recently. It’s not the first time I do this even if it’s not a good move to change a URL everybody knows, but this site is my third blog, and now, I’m moving to my fourth one, fred.dev.

Yes, I know, the new and shiny dev tld! After all, I’m a developer even if my personal blog is rarely about technical topics, which I keep for my employer’s blog (when I have one). I was lucky enough to buy mine (at a premium price – you know, short name) in the last week before the “all you can eat” opening from Google (so, I paid to have the, ahem, privilege, to get it before anyone else). So, the links pointing to OOCZ (this site) are now redirected to the new site, articles transferred (will need to update the post images for better quality since the theme emphasis on images, which is something I like a lot), new theme (I bought one that I will constantly adapt), and pages updated soon (they are not all on the new site yet). It’s not perfect, but it’s close enough for me to be able to start to use it and start to write again.

On that note, see you there!

Photo by Tyler Nix

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